Suicide Squad Surprises Us With New Footage Snuck Inside This Official Music Video

With little more than a month before the release of Suicide Squad, we didn't think there was much more that Warner Bros. was going to let us see. Thank god for cross promotion. A new music video for one of the songs on the official soundtrack has given us some new footage to enjoy. Check it out.

For whatever reason, apparently, late June is the time when all of the music being made to promote movies gets released for the next 60 days worth of feature films. Last week saw the release of the official new Ghostbusters theme by Fall Out Boy. Today we get both a new Star Trek Beyond trailer with a Rihanna song, and now a new song for Suicide Squad. As the movie is about a massive team up of supervillains, it's fitting that the official single also sees a massive music team up, including Imagine Dragons, Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, and even more, for a song called "Sucker for Pain." Much like the team up in the movie, I'm not sure putting all these people together makes a lot of sense, but there you go.

Hopefully, you like the song, because it's a long five minutes to get through to see a hand full of brief shots that are new. Most of them are simply shots that follow either before or after shots that we've already seen from Suicide Squad, still there's a bit here to see. First, we get a different look at El Diablo doing what he does best, which is play with fire.

Suicide Squad

We also get a slightly different look at Enchantress in a part of the scene that we haven't seen before. The finger in front of her lips makes her look significantly creepier than usual. We're not sure what she wants us to keep quiet about, but as long as she doesn't kill us, our lips are sealed.

Enchantress in Suicide Squad

Our favorite shot, though, has to be this one. We've seen the shot of Harley Quinn blowing bubbles with her gum while leading the team down the street before. However, the video shows us what happens next, as she's joined by Jai Courtney's Captain Boomerang, drinking a beer, because Australian.

Suicide Squad

We keep getting excited for the release of Suicide Squad. Is this your most anticipated movie for the rest of the summer? Let us know in the comments.

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