Will The Joker Be Back After Suicide Squad? Here's What Jared Leto Says

Suicide Squad will be introducing several new major characters to the DC Extended Universe, including the most popular villain of them all. Much has already been made about how committed Jared Leto was to playing the Joker, but it also sounds like it was a very intense experience. So is he interested in returning to the role in the future? The actor says the role is now inside him and he thinks Suicide Squad is only the beginning.

Of all the characters that we will meet for the first time in Suicide Squad, all eyes seem to be on the new DCEU version of The Joker. The role of the Clown Prince of Crime has been portrayed adapted almost as often as The Dark Knight himself and, like Ben Affleck, the new actor, Jared Leto, had some pretty big shoes to fill. However, today's superhero movies are all about long term franchises, which means characters have the potential for some seriously long term exposure. Leto seems to be ready for that. He told Good Morning America that this movie is only the beginning of his relationship with the character, saying,

I feel like this film is an introduction to the Joker, and I'm hopeful that we will see more to come. I think you don't really say goodbye. I think the Joker's in there somewhere.

Of course, when you commit yourself to a role the way that Jared Leto did with The Joker, it's no wonder that he'd still be "in there somewhere." Long before we knew anything about Suicide Squad as a film, we were hearing stories from the set about how Leto refused to break character. His co-stars talked about how they had yet to actually meet the actor because he was always in character. The stories about the gifts he sent his fellow castmates, from live rats to dead pigs to used condoms, are already legendary. We're not exactly sure how you're supposed to just leave that character alone when the movie is over when you've been that deep inside.

It's good to hear that Jared Leto is willing to reprise the role. One would expect that, somewhere inside Warner Bros. they have plans for Batman's most famous villain. We don't know exactly what Leto's contract for the DC movies entails, but these days every major franchise contract at least holds open the possibility of working on multiple films. We'd be shocked if Leto's deal was for one and done.

You can watch Jared Leto talk about his Suicide Squad role and the future in the video below:

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While we know that Batman will be making an appearance in Suicide Squad, we don't expect that it will feature the knockdown, drag out fight between the caped crusader and The Joker that we all eventually want to see. Hopefully, they'll save that for somewhere down the line.

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