Marvel boasts some of the best villains in all of comic book history, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe has provided numerous opportunities to introduce some of these evildoers to the big screen. This franchise kicked off Phase Three earlier this year with Captain America: Civil War, which saw Helmut Zemo plotting behind the scenes to turn the Avengers against each other. Next month, Doctor Strange will pit Stephen Strange against Kaecilius, a former follower of The Ancient One. And that's just the start of what's coming over the next few years in the world of villainy.

Even though the MCU has introduced some interesting bas guys over the years, there are still plenty of destructive deviants from the Marvel library who haven't had an opportunity to shine in live action. Fortunately, we already have some candidates in mind for this honor. Whether it's near the end of Phase Three, sometime in Phase Four or beyond, here are the 10 villains we would like to eventually see at some point in this expanding world.


Who is He? Dormammu is the mighty leader of the Dark Dimension. However, because he was forced to rely on Doctor Strange's help in one of his earliest comic book appearances, Dormammu is forbidden from ever entering the "Earth realm" again. So even though he boasts countless abilities that hare amplified in the Dark Dimension, he has to send others to do his dirty work for anything Earth-related.

Where Would He Appear? Thanks to a script page from writer Dan Harmon, many are speculating that Dormammu will appear in Doctor Strange, which is only a few weeks from being released. That still hasn't been confirmed yet, but even it is the case, Kaecilius will still be acting as the movie's main antagonist. Even if Stephen Strange does confront Dormammu in his first MCU adventure, don't be surprised if the Dark Dimension's monarch takes over as the primary bad guy in Doctor Strange 2.

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