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Marvel boasts some of the best villains in all of comic book history, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe has provided numerous opportunities to introduce some of these evildoers to the big screen. This franchise kicked off Phase Three earlier this year with Captain America: Civil War, which saw Helmut Zemo plotting behind the scenes to turn the Avengers against each other. Next month, Doctor Strange will pit Stephen Strange against Kaecilius, a former follower of The Ancient One. And that's just the start of what's coming over the next few years in the world of villainy.

Even though the MCU has introduced some interesting bas guys over the years, there are still plenty of destructive deviants from the Marvel library who haven't had an opportunity to shine in live action. Fortunately, we already have some candidates in mind for this honor. Whether it's near the end of Phase Three, sometime in Phase Four or beyond, here are the 10 villains we would like to eventually see at some point in this expanding world.


Who is He? Dormammu is the mighty leader of the Dark Dimension. However, because he was forced to rely on Doctor Strange's help in one of his earliest comic book appearances, Dormammu is forbidden from ever entering the "Earth realm" again. So even though he boasts countless abilities that hare amplified in the Dark Dimension, he has to send others to do his dirty work for anything Earth-related.

Where Would He Appear? Thanks to a script page from writer Dan Harmon, many are speculating that Dormammu will appear in Doctor Strange, which is only a few weeks from being released. That still hasn't been confirmed yet, but even it is the case, Kaecilius will still be acting as the movie's main antagonist. Even if Stephen Strange does confront Dormammu in his first MCU adventure, don't be surprised if the Dark Dimension's monarch takes over as the primary bad guy in Doctor Strange 2.


Who is He? MODOK, which stands for Mental (the 'M' part has been altered over the years) Organism Designed Only for Killing, wasn't always a giant head in a floating chair. He was originally a normal guy named George Tarleton, a technician for AIM (Advanced Idea Mechanics), but the terrorist group genetically altered him into that monstrosity, who rocks enhanced intelligence and psionic powers.

Where Would He Appear? If the Captain America movie series was continuing, that would have been our first choice for a MODOK appearance. Fortunately, MODOK has battled so many Marvel heroes over the decades that almost any movie could work, although it would be great if whatever story he shows up in had some kind of sci-fi spin to it. Using MODOK would also be a a great way to bring back AIM, which was left in shambles at the end of Iron Man 3.


Who is He? Quentin Beck was a special effects expert who worked on major motion pictures, but when he started to get bored with his job, he put his skills to work as a super villain. Donning a green costume and fishbowl-looking helmet, he soon came into conflict with Spider-Man, and each time they've batted, he's used his crazy illusions and gadgets to wreak havoc on the Web-Slinger, both physically and mentally.

Where Would He Appear? Obviously Mysterio would be best put to use in a Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel. As seen by Spider-Man: Homecoming using Vulture, Shocker and possibly Tinkerer, the MCU is taking the opportunity to use Spidey villains that haven't been seen on the big screen yet. Mysterio falls into that category, and by using him,and much like Doctor Strange is doing with exploration into magic and other realms, he presents an opportunity to delve into some visually-triply sequences thanks to his "bag of tricks."


Who is He? During his tenure as a CIA agent, William Cross also set up his own covert, rogue operation. Once he stole special brainwashing technology from the woman he was romancing, he used an assassination attempt to fake his death, which cost him his left eye and left ear. Now known as Crossfire, he used his natural skills and new cybernetic implants to become a mercenary.

Where Would He Appear? In case the last name didn't give it away, William Cross is related to Darren Cross, better known in the MCU as Yellowjacket. Crossfire can fill the void left over by his cousin in Ant-Man and the Wasp. Sure he won't have the same shrinking technology at his disposal, but he'll have other ways to combating Scott Lang and Hope van Dyne. Ant-Man doesn't have a large rogues gallery, but Crossfire is one of the few who deserves a shot to shine on the big screen.


Who is He? Mephisto is the closest the Marvel universe has to Satan. A demonic entity from another realm, he is one of the most powerful beings in existence, with abilities ranging from size shifting to casting illusions. However, rather than wreak destruction and chaos on his own, Mephisto usually manipulates others to do his bidding or screw with their lives, usually by persuading them to make a "deal with the devil"-type pact.

Where Would He Appear? Given how rooted Mephisto is in magic, a Doctor Strange sequel would be the best bet. That being said, it's worth noting that although there are few Marvel characters who can measure up to Thanos in terms of being a threat to the entire Marvel universe, Mephisto can count himself as one of the few on this VIP list. So in Phase Four, Mephisto could take the Mad Titan's spot as the antagonist who forces all these heroes to team up and banish him.


Who is He? Tony Masters is one of the best assassins in the Marvel universe, and the reason for that is because he injected himself with a serum that gave him the ability to absorb knowledge instantaneously, specifically when it comes to muscle memory. Basically, any physical movement or action he witnesses, he can instantly replicate. That's made him a master in numerous forms of martial arts. At times Taskmaster has served as an combat instructor for both spy and terrorist organizations, but he's at his best when he's a mercenary.

Where Would He Appear? Taskmaster needs to battle a hero who can match his fighting skills closely. Obviously Deadpool would be the best candidate, but that isn't happening. Black Panther 2 might be a good alternative, if we're strictly talking solo superhero movies. On the other hand, he would serve as excellent muscle for a big Avengers antagonist.


Who Is She? Karla Sofen lived the life of luxury growing up, but when her rich father died, she had to live with her financially-struggling mother. Determined not to end up like her, she became a psychologist, but even that wasn't enough for her. Eventually she decided to become a super villain when she stole the original Moonstone's source of power, an alien gem that allows her to fly and shoot energy blasts, among other things.

Where Would She Appear? Moonstone has frequently come into conflict with Carol Danvers in the comics, so Captain Marvel would be the best movie for her to appear in. Remember, the MCU loves to use villains who have similar power sets as the hero, so that makes Moonstone a great opponent for Carol to face on her first superhero adventure. If she survives, she could always be brought back as a supporting antagonist elsewhere. Maybe as a Thunderbolts member?

Kraven the Hunter

Who is He? After proving himself to be the world's greatest big game hunter, Sergei Kravinoff desired a new challenge that would put his skills to the test. He found that special "prey" in Spider-Man, and for decades, the animal-skin clad hunter has been using his mystical potion-enhanced abilities to try to bring down the Web-Slinger. Normally he works alone, but he has at times relied on assistance from other villains, like when he was in the Sinister Six.

Where Would He Appear? Just like Mysterio, a Spider-Man movie is the only appropriate place to use Kraven the Hunter. Yes, his costume looks ridiculous, but as long as it can be slightly toned down, then using him in a theatrical story shouldn't be a problem. Obviously he would be the main physical threat, but it would also be great if they paired him with his half-brother, The Chameleon.

The Leader

Who is He? Samuel Sterns was a normal janitor when, just like Bruce Banner, he was exposed to gamma radiation at the chemical plant where he worked. However, rather than his strength being increased, Sterns' intellect was raised to incredible levels. Now one of the smartest beings on the planet, he immediately embarked on a life of crime. He may not have the muscle to match Hulk, but his smarts makes him one of the Green Goliath's greatest enemies.

Where Would He Appear? Samuel Sterns already appeared in The Incredible Hulk, where he was last seen grinning manically as some of Bruce Banner's blood dripped into his open head wound and caused his cranium to start expanding. The door is still open to bring back Tim Blake Nelson's iteration of the character as his fully green, super intelligent self. Obviously another solo Hulk movie would be preferable, but if that doesn't work, then feature him as an Avengers enemy so he can at least still battle The Hulk in some way.


Who Are They? The Skrulls are a technologically-advanced alien race that can shape shift into almost any form. So not only do they possess mighty weapons that make it easier to engage with adversaries, but they can also disguise themselves to cause chaos from within enemy lines. Select Skrulls are also selected to gain superpowers, like the Super-Skrull, who has been given all the abilities belonging to the Fantastic Four.

Where Would They Appear? Unlike the other villains on this list, the Skulls can't appear in the MCU right now. Marvel would need to sign a deal with 20th Century Fox to allow Fantastic Four-related characters to appear, similar to what they did with Sony concerning Spider-Man. If such a deal was reached, then obviously a Fantastic Four movie would be the best place for them to appear. If for some reason that isn't an option, then the next best approach would be to use them in an Avengers movie, preferably in a Secret Invasion adaptation.

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