Although the Marvel Cinematic Universe has featured a variety of villains to pit against its heroes, they have been overwhelmingly male with little female representation over on the dark side. Maya Hansen worked against Tony Stark in Iron Man 3 until her change of heart earned her a bullet to the chest, Nebula assisted Ronan in Guardians of the Galaxy, and Scarlet Witch proved to be a dangerous foe in Avengers: Age of Ultron until she joined Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Fortunately, the MCU’s TV offerings have provided more opportunities to feature women in evil roles (next year will see Madame Masque and Elektra introduced on Agent Carter and Daredevil, respectively), and the movies may be going in the same direction in the near future.

A rumor hit last week that Thor: Ragnarok may feature a female character as the main antagonist. We provided some candidates on who this mystery villain could be, but why stop with the Thor movies? There are plenty of female antagonists from the decades that would make worthy additions to the collection of rogues this franchise has already introduced. Not all of them are necessarily lead bad girl material, but they’re worthy enough to give the various heroes a lot of trouble on the big screen.

Karla Sofen grew up as the daughter of a butler to a rich family, and following her father’s death, her mother worked three jobs to put her through college. Determined not to turn out like her mother, she became a psychologist, but even that proved disappointing to her, so she joined the criminal underworld as the aide to Doctor Faustus. After learning about the original Moonstone, she manipulated the hero into giving up the alien gem where his powers came from so she could take them for herself. When not committing crimes on her own, Moonstone has worked with the Masters of Evil and the Thunderbolts, and during Dark Regin, she was recruited to be the "Ms. Marvel" of the Dark Avengers.

Moonstone isn’t tied down to one specific superhero, so she could easily be featured in any upcoming movie featuring a powerful protagonist. However, given how similar her abilities are to Carol Danvers’ and their history, it would be cool to see them tussle in 2019’s Captain Marvel, either as arch nemeses or Moonstone being a minion sent by the main villain. Following her defeat (yes, this is one Marvel villain that shouldn’t be killed instantly), maybe she could be recruited into the MCU’s Thunderbolts team.

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