How Captain Marvel's Powers Compare To The Other Superheroes In The MCU

Captain Marvel

Not every superhero is made equal, at least when it comes to their abilities. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is no exception. Some fight the forces of evil only with their natural skills, like Black Widow and Hawkeye, while others are gifted with mighty powers, like Hulk and Thor. Captain Marvel falls into the latter category, and according to Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, her upcoming movie won't shy away from showing just how powerful Carol Danvers is compared to the other MCU heroes.

Speaking with IGN, Kevin Feige noted that one of the challenges facing Captain Marvel will be showing Carol rock so many amazing abilities, yet still making sure that there are vulnerabilities that can ground her. As he put it:

What is one of the coolest things about it is she will be by far the most powerful character we've ever introduced in the movie. 'How do you find those limitations? How do you find those vulnerabilities?' is something that is sort of at the crux of the story that we're putting together.

If the MCU's Carol Danvers is staying faithful to her comic book counterpart, then it sounds like her abilities in live action will include super strength, flight and energy manipulation. This power set has cemented her as one of the Marvel universe's heavy hitters, and obviously she'll attract the Avengers' attention before too long in this world. However, it's boring to watch a story where the hero doesn't have any weaknesses. Even The Hulk eventually transforms back into Bruce Banner. Carol definitely isn't invincible, so the trick will be to show how she can be defeated, whether it's someone else overpowering her or the heroine pushing herself too far. Kevin Feige also assured Captain Marvel fans during the interview that she will be "prove to be a very important character" in the MCU's future, and he's looking forward to seeing how the Avengers interact with her for the first time.

Plot details about Captain Marvel are scarce, but it's been confirmed that the movie will be an origin story, although that still doesn't preclude the possibility of a powerless Carol Danvers debuting in Avengers: Infinity War beforehand. Writer Nicole Perlman, who is tackling the script with Meg LeFauve, also said a few months ago that her origin story will be revamped from what went down in the comics, as they don't want it to as closely resemble Green Lantern's on the big screen. So far, Brie Larson is the only actor on board, her casting as Carol Danvers made official at San Diego Comic-Con earlier this year.

Captain Marvel hits theaters on March 8, 2019, and in the meantime, stay tuned to CinemaBlend for all the biggest updates surrounding its development.

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