See The Badass Armor Hulk Will Probably Wear In Thor: Ragnarok

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is an ever expanding place. When one major blockbuster is finally released, we already have 3-4 to look forward to. This was surely the case this summer, as Captain America: Civil War destroyed expectations and drew tons of money for Marvel Studios. And even though we were happy to see the majority of MCU character kicking each other's asses, two big players were noticeably missing: Thor and The Hulk. Luckily for us, the two strongest Avengers will be having their own adventure in Thor: Ragnarok, which comes to theaters November 3rd, 2017.

One of the biggest questions for the third Thor flick is how exactly Hulk will fit into the world of Asgard, and Thor's adventures. Most noticeably, fans have been praying and hoping that the Hulk would be donning the badass armor he wore in the Planet Hulk comic series. Luckily for them, it appears he'll be doing just that. At San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel just revealed that Hulk will be suiting up, and they even showed us the armor in the flesh. Check out the armor below.

thor ragnarok hulk armor

Did anyone else just get super excited for Thor: Ragnarok? Seriously, watching the green guy suit up and take that crazy looking hammer and axe to an enemy sounds like exactly what I need in my life.

While much of the plot of Thor: Ragnarok is a mystery, the reveal of Hulk's armor may be very telling. We know that Thor is going to face perhaps his biggest threat in the threequel, with the possibility of an apocalyptic situation occurring. The term Ragnarok refers to the end of a mythical cycle, where the cosmos would be destroyed and then created new. With stakes so high, it's lucky that Thor has the Hulk with him to help even the odds. But how exactly does the armor factor into the narrative?

The famous Planet Hulk armor came from the comic series of the same name. In the comics, the Marvel heroes decided to exile Hulk to an entirely different planet, presumably out of fear of his destructive power. The comics follow Hulk's journey on that planet, which he eventually conquers. Additionally the green guy ends up plotting his revenge and his journey back to Earth to carry it out.

thor ragnarok planet hulk

Obviously, the Planet Hulk plot is most likely not going to be used in Thor: Ragnarok. That leaves the question: where and how is Hulk getting this armor?

I think the most obvious choice is that the two Avengers suit up in the climactic battle against Cate Blanchett's villainous forces. Another option might coming from Jeff Golblum's Grandmaster. The character has been described as someone fascinated with chance, gaming, and manipulation. Perhaps Grandmaster meets the Hulk, and decides he wants to play a little game with the big guy. This would make way for a colosseum battle of sorts, where the Hulk dons armor to take out a similarly large and in charge entity from the cosmos. Then again, I could be completely wrong.

Are you excited to see Hulk with some sweet new duds? Let us know in the comments.

Corey Chichizola
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