The Rogue One Trailers Cut Into Chronological Order Is Epic And Exciting

Easily one of the most anticipated movies of the year is Rogue One: A Stars Wars Story, Disney and LucasFilm's first experiment in expanding the Stars Wars universe. Despite rumors about troubling reshoots, the film has released some great trailers, and now someone has tried to put them all together in chronological order. You can check that out below, but be warned that it lays out the basic plot thread of the entire movie.

This video was made by GameSpot, who attempted to piece together the scenes from every trailer for Rogue One into chronological order. What resulted was a supercut that attempts to piece together some clues about one of the most guarded film plots of the year. While GameSpot has no way of knowing when certain scenes happen before others, I would say they largely get the first half of the movie right.

The trailer opens with a young Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones) witnessing her father being taken away by Orson Krennic (Ben Mendelsohn) and his Death Troopers. We've learned that Jyn's father is a crucial scientist responsible for making the Death Star armed and fully operational, and some of the films plot revolves around Jyn and her team of Rebels rescuing him from the Empire. Cut to a couple years in the future and a wayward Jyn is recruited by the Rebellion to find her father and any weaknesses of the Death Star (there's at least one).

From there, the events of the film are really anyone's guess. It makes sense that Jyn would go about recruiting the rest of her team - Chirrut and Baze - and beginning their mission. The only other thing that seems logical is the battle on the beach taking place towards the end of the film. The footage has a desperate feel to it, and it looks like the Empire is doing everything it can to stop the Rebels. Obviously, not all the footage for Rogue One has been released (more Darth Vader, please), so there's still plenty left to speculate.

Having all of the footage in order makes it easy to see how different this Star Wars film feels from the others. It definitely has a war movie feel to it, and it's refreshing to see the Star Wars world getting fleshed out. It's also plain to see the sense of scale that director Gareth Edwards brings to the film; the Death Star always feels enormous and the Empire's other killing machines tower over our tiny Rebel heroes.

Rogue One is directed by Gareth Edwards and written by Chris Weitz and Tony Gilroy. The film is scheduled for release on December 16, 2016

Matt Wood

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