The Avengers: Infinity War Has Added Another Doctor Strange Star

Wong Doctor Strange

It was only a few weeks ago that Doctor Strange himself, Benedict Cumberbatch, alerted fans that he would be joining the ensemble of Joe and Anthony Russo's The Avengers: Infinity War - but he won't be the only one from the upcoming magical blockbuster to be present. As I confirmed today in an interview, the massive ensemble in the 2018 film will also be featuring the talents of Benedict Wong, who will reprise his role as Wong.

Earlier today, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Benedict Wong for a few minutes at the Los Angeles press day for Doctor Strange. After discussing his future as Wong in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I straight-up asked if he had received the call for The Avengers: Infinity War yet, and he briefly responded, "Yes, I did!" When I followed up by asking if that meant he was going to be in it, he replied, "Yes, I will!"

Given that The Avengers: Infinity War is still a few months away from the start of production, Benedict Wong obviously couldn't tell me anything about what we can expect from his activities in the blockbuster -- but he did talk a bit about how he sees the relationship between Wong and Doctor Strange developing in the future. Prior to my Avengers: Infinity War question, I asked how he thinks Wong will deal with Strange's meteoric rise in the world of magic, and the actor explained why he thinks that his character will continue to play a very important role in Strange's growth as a master of mysticism. Said Wong,

Well, I still think that Strange does need [Wong]'s guidance. It's the knowledge that Wong has, being the librarian, reading all of those books. I think it's going to unfold into something interesting in the next one. It did say it would return! They assured me they would return!

You can watch Benedict Wong talk about his future with Doctor Strange and The Avengers: Infinity War in the video below:

This surely won't be the last bit of casting news we hear about The Avengers: Infinity War - much in the same way that this won't be the last you see of content from my interviews with the stars of Doctor Strange! Stay tuned for a whole lot of goodness in the coming weeks, and prepare for the film's arrival in theaters domestically starting November 4th.

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