Suicide Squad Extended Cut: Here's What Was Added Back In

Harley Quinn El Diablo Suicide Squad

No comic book movie from the last year has managed to match the sheer divisiveness of Suicide Squad. The Task Force X solo movie made a boatload of money, but left quite a bit to be desired with regards to its critical reception. Seemingly recognizing this phenomenon, DC recently released an Extended Cut of the film, which features substantially more footage than the theatrical version.

With that in mind, we have compiled a list of all the major additions that the Extended Cut of Suicide Squad makes to the film. Check out our list, and let us know if you noticed any of these awesome character moments. Now let's get started with one character that definitely gets more screen time in the Extended Cut: The Joker...

Jared Leto Joker Suicide Squad

Black Hole Of Rage And Confusion

The first different you will notice between the theatrical cut of Suicide Squad and the Extended Cut is the fact that the Arkham Asylum sequence is slightly longer. Here we get to see Jared Leto cut loose as a VERY unhinged Joker who has not yet fallen for Harleen Quinzel (Margot Robbie). Although it's really only a few extra seconds of footage, this increased screen time really helps sell the idea that Leto could've given a much better performance than the film would lead us to believe.

Killer Croc Suicide Squad

Extended Croc Intro

Despite the fact that he's one of Batman's most iconic villains, Killer Croc gets a substantially abbreviated introduction in Suicide Squad compared to Deadshot, Harley, or Boomerang. The Extended Cut of the film takes steps to fix that problem by giving the reptilian villain a somewhat longer introduction. Here we see the guards of Belle Reve feeding Croc a dead, rotting pig, which he casually picks up and carries into his corner. It's a minor detail, but one that really shows his savage nature.

David Ayer Suicide Squad

The David Ayer Cameo

During the extended Killer Croc introduction, the Extended Cut of Suicide Squad also takes a moment to give director, David Ayer, some solid screen time. His cameo sees him taking on the role of a Belle Reve guard who watches in awe as Griggs feeds the Batman villain a dead pig. It's one of those "blink and you miss it" cameos, but it helps showcase how ordinary people view someone as savage and primal as Croc. It also allows Griggs to get a great joke by pointing out the fake "vulcanized rubber" prosthetic hand worn by a one of the other guards. He apparently got too close to Croc.

Deadshot Suicide Squad

Deadshot At The Window

Although the original cut of Suicide Squad definitely takes the time to check in with Deadshot inside of his cell, the Extended Cut features an extra shot of him looking out the window into a rainy night. Unlike the other high-energy sequences, this quick scene does a proper job of telling us how Floyd Lawton's life is full of regret. It's only a quick shot, but it's beautiful visual storytelling.

Killer Croc Suicide Squad

Killer Croc Pukes

In addition to Killer Croc's extended introduction, the Extended Cut of Suicide Squad also gives him a great, unexpected laugh as the team flies into Midway City. Looking over at the reptilian badass, Captain Boomerang notices that Croc doesn't look so good, at which point Waylon Jones leans over and pukes his guts out all over the floor of the helicopter. Given everything we saw Croc eat earlier in the film, we have a distinct feeling that it probably didn't smell very good.

Harley Quinn El Diablo Suicide Squad

Spread The Word

In the theatrical version of Suicide Squad, it takes Task Force X the entire film to really come together and work as a cohesive unit. However, the Extended Cut of the film gives us a much deeper glimpse of that cohesion early on. While the original version of the film only showed Deadshot and Harley plotting to escape, the Extended Cut shows everyone getting in on the action as all of the villains discreetly try to maneuver their way out of Flag's custody. Many people accused the villains in Suicide Squad of not being "bad" enough in the theatrical cut, but this scene really shows us how bad they can be if left unchecked.

Rick Flag Deadshot Suicide Squad

Floyd Lawton Bonds With Rick Flag

Suicide Squad is packed to the brim with strong relationships between characters, but the Extended Cut really helps flesh out the one between Deadshot and Rick Flag. Although their dynamic is incredibly antagonistic, this extended scene in Midway City shows Flag trying to reason with the villainous assassin and convince him to keep the rest of Task Force X in line. It's a particularly good moment for Flag, as it shows him as far more than just a gung-ho soldier; he's a good man at heart.

Deadshot Suicide Squad

Deadshot Questions The Mission

Suicide Squad pulls the rug out from under the audience by revealing that their mission is to rescue Amanda Waller, but the Extended Cut hints at the plot twist much earlier in the film. In this deleted scene, Deadshot approaches Rick Flag and demands to know who they're in Midway City to rescue. It's a minor detail the first time you watch the movie, but upon repeat viewings, it serves as an early reminder that things aren't quite right on this mission.

Joker SUicide squad

Harley Falls For Joker

This particular scene is probably the most instantly noticeable addition to the Extended Cut of Suicide Squad because it's not just an extension to an existing scene; it's entirely new. Presumably taking place after Joker's dramatic escape from Arkham, the sequence follows Harley as she chases him down on a motorcycle and proclaims her love for him. Although he's very clearly annoyed by her presence at first, he eventually sees promise in her when she pulls a gun on him and uses it on an innocent bystander. When viewed against the rest of the film, it really adds an awesome new layer to their dysfunctional relationship.

Katana Suicide Squad

Harley The Shrink

By now, you have likely started to notice a serious trend here: Harley Quinn get the bulk of the added material in the Extended Cut of Suicide Squad. In this scene, we get to see her flex her muscles as a psychologist and diagnose all of the members of the Suicide Squad -- much to the annoyance of the others. She very clearly gets under everyone's skin (and she's trying to) and the scene comes to a climax when Katana removes her mask and stares Harley down when The Joker's girlfriend wrongfully diagnoses her. Harley's not as smart as she thinks she is.

Harley Quinn Suicide Squad

Extended Bar Scene

Audiences who went to see Suicide Squad excited about the comedic value of the "bar scene" were sorely disappointed to see that most of the best lines were removed in the theatrical cut. The Extended Cut of the film adds some serious length to this particular sequence, and gives all of the characters more time to shine. Every character benefits from the added length, but it's Boomerang and Harley who really shine. I will forever know digger Harkness as an "asset relocation specialist."

Rick Flag Deadshot Suicide Squad

Flag Reminisces About June

Rick Flag's relationship with June Moone isn't really explored very much in the original version of Suicide Squad. It's established, but never really fleshed out. This quick scene towards the beginning of the film's third act does quite a bit with regards to establishing why she's so important to him. Flag's a soldier, and he's never really believed in the idea of love. Then he met June, and his life changed forever. With this one scene, David Ayer really establishes the personal stakes for Rick Flag, and makes the climax of the movie far more emotional.

What do you think of these additions to Suicide Squad's Extended Cut? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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