There are so very many reasons why Moana is a great movie. The most important of them may be the music. The soundtrack and score are something truly special. Every song in Moana is a great one I could spend all day listening to. I know because I have.

I'm not sure there's a single song in Moana that will reach "Let it Go" levels of popularity, but taken as a whole, the soundtrack may be one of the greatest Disney has ever produced. Ranking these songs is tough, so let's give the entire album an honorable mention and then give these five songs special recognition. Potential spoilers ahead.

5. You're Welcome

It's official, there is absolutely nothing in this world that The Rock cannot do. Fans of WWE already knew the guy could carry a decent tune, but when the spotlight's on, he can actually sing when he needs to. While Maui's song of self-congratulations may not be the most beautiful on the soundtrack, Dwayne Johnson is clearly having fun singing it, and that joy is infectious. He powers his way through the song like he was deadlifting it. The tune is an absolute showstopper. It's the song you'll find yourself humming in spite of yourself. See, it's in your head now. You're Welcome.

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