Photographic Evidence That Naked Jai Courtney Really Did Chase David Ayer On Suicide Squad Set

We here at CinemaBlend are obsessed with Jai Courtney. OK, maybe it's just me. But how can you not be at least mildly fascinated by this wonk? His career is wildly unpredictable, including both stellar TV shows (Spartacus) and unwatchable franchise killers (A Good Day to Die Hard, Terminator: Genisys). And yet, he continues to work, and every time we learn a little more about him, we find eccentric things to love. Like this story he has been telling for some time, about the time he chased Suicide Squad director David Ayer around the movie's set while totally nude.

David Ayer Jai Courtney Suicide Squad

Yep, that's Captain Boomerang ignoring the laws of physics once again, this time so that he can terrorize his DCEU director with the threat of a hug from The Full Jai. The irascible Jai Courtney was on Conan where he was confronted by this hard (or semi-soft) truth, and the actor defended his actions... not that we needed him to. To us, this is fine. But Courtney explained:

You're shooting a big movie, it takes a lot of time to get things done, you're chilling out, so he would just rock up uninvited. He came to my trailer one day, and I must not have had any clothes on. I'm sure there was a logical reason... Look, I'm an impulsive dude. So I went after him. Jay Hernandez, who plays Diablo in the movie, I could hear behind me saying, 'Sic 'em, boy.' You gotta go with one of these things. The moment happened.

And now we have the visual evidence, whether we wanted it or not. Suicide Squad opened this past August, and took the DCEU in a different direction after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. By focusing on an all-villain team, Squad gave characters like Deadshot (Will Smith), Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), The Joker (Jared Leto) and, yes, Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney) a spotlight they normally only get when they are fighting off Batman or The Flash. The movie banked $745 million globally, and came close to matching Batman v Superman's international take. Maybe if it had a scene where naked Boomerang chased Rick Flag around Midway City, it would have earned a few extra bucks?

Anyway, here's Jai Courtney defending his on-set nudity to Conan O'Brien:

Jai Courtney will next be seen The God Four, co-starring Natalie Dormer and Michael Douglas. Let's hope at least one of them knocks on Jai's trailer in the middle of the day, in between shoots. They better have their running shoes on.

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