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We're in for a treat today, folks. CCPX over in Brazil had its Spider-Man: Homecoming panel today, where the first ever footage from the MCU installment was shown. Though the teaser has yet to make its way online, attendees didn't hesitate to share their thoughts on Twitter. Simply put, the footage is short but sweet and features some rad shots of Spider-Man. We've got a collection of tweets breaking down the footage for you to read and speculate below.

In attendance of CCPX and the Spider-Man: Homecoming panel was Ryan Penagos -- or perhaps how he's better known by his fanbase, Agent M -- who was kind enough to spill the beans on the teaser and his brief thoughts. The footage isn't very long, and apparently plays more like a teaser to the larger trailer scheduled to drop with Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Though short, the footage teases Tony Stark's role in the film and how he helps to further upgrade Peter's suit.

The footage show's Tony Stark's continued influence over Peter, though the genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist doesn't make an appearance in the teaser. Peter instead meets with Happy Hogan, Tony Stark's friend and chief of security; Jon Favreau is reprising the role he originated back in Iron Man. As for the contents of the case, it contains new upgrades that harken back all the way to the days of Steve Ditko: Spider-Man's web wings.

Though the appearance of the wings on Spidey's costume in the comics is infrequent at best, they'll come back in a big way for Homecoming. Other reports on Twitter had the impression that the wings will allow Spider-Man to glide through the air; a useful feature considering the aerial Vulture is the villain.

Penagos was too overwhelmed by the awesomeness of the footage to remember all the quick shots, but other Twitter users have got us covered. Reports claim that Spidey can be seen on the top of the Washington Monument with a helicopter behind him. The teaser ends as he backflips off and activates his suit's new web wings. What Spidey would be doing in Washington D.C. (or how he got there) is anyone's guess, but it sounds like something big is going down.

The slide at the end apparently reads that the worldwide release of the full trailer will be coming very soon, which some have ideally taken to mean today. While that is probably nothing more than wishful thinking, there's a chance we may get the see the full trailer ahead of its theatrical release attached to Rogue One on December 16.

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