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It's been a long wait for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story's release, and while regular moviegoers still have to wait nearly a week to see the highly-anticipated blockbuster, many critics just got out of seeing it at the world premiere in Los Angeles. Just like Marvel allowed with Doctor Strange, Lucasfilm (another member of the Disney family) has allowed folks to post their initial reactions of Rogue One on social media, and these snippet impressions are flying in now. Here are what some professionals have to say about the first Star Wars Anthology spinoff. And don't worry, there aren't any spoilers ahead.

First up is our own Eric Eisenberg, who was quite impressed with Rogue One, calling it a great blending of old and new, which is certainly a good approach for a Star Wars movie. Our own Conner Schwerdtfeger was also at the premiere, where he commended Rogue One for its mature feel, while also noting in a separate tweet that it has 4 out of 5 of his most favorite Star Wars movies ever.

Elsewhere on the interwebs, Steve Weintraub from Collider complimented both Rogue One's action and script, making it clear that all kinds of moviegoers will enjoy it.

Terri Schwartz over at IGN complimented director Gareth Edwards for perfectly capturing the Star Wars tone and feel, though clarified in a later tweet that Rogue One definitely puts the "Wars" in Star Wars.

In his brief Twitter comment, Peter Sciretta from Slashfilm eased worries over the reshoots that fans worried about over the summer, saying that the flick doesn't feel "neutered" by them.

Jen Yamato from The Daily Beast directed her praise towards stars Felicity Jones and Donnie Yen, citing them as some of the main highlights. Here's what she specifically had to say about Jyn Erso.

Finally, you can tell from reading Germain Lussier from io9's tweet that he thoroughly enjoyed the movie, saying it's going to take days for his excitement to die down.

These are just some of the folks whose opinions on Rogue One are currently trickling in on social media, so rest assured, there will still be plenty to talk about in the days ahead. Overall, it looks like the Rogue One reception is very positive, though we'll have to wait for full reviews to get a better idea of what the movie's strengths and weaknesses are. Still, if these early thoughts are any indication, Disney and Lucasfilm have another hit on their hands.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story hits U.S. theaters on Friday, December 16, though count on many locations screening the flick as early as Thursday evening.

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