What Is Aquaman Wearing In This New Justice League Photo Zack Snyder Just Shared?

Aquaman has been the most elusive member of the new Justice League members. He hasn't been given the same cameo opportunity that the rest of them have had. So, we're glad to get a look at the lord of the sea, but that look isn't quite what we expected. Zack Snyder has shared an image of Jason Momoa from Justice League that has him looking not like the master of the oceans, but just a dude who's really cold.

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The image came directly from Zack Snyder on the social media site Vero, and was shared via Batman News. It shows Arthur Curry involved in a conversation with a woman while wearing an Irish knit sweater and an overcoat. Not exactly what you expect to see the Lord of Atlantis in on a normal day. He looks like, well, a fish out of water.

The scene is obviously part of the sequence that we have seen in the film's trailer that shows Bruce Wayne discovering Arthur Curry in a village somewhere as he's going around trying to recruit heroes to face the coming threat. He's told of a man that comes from the sea and brings fish to the village when they are hungry. Then we see Jason Momoa turn around from the bar. He's wearing the large coat that we see here and while what he's wearing underneath it isn't clear, it's apparently a large sweater.

To be fair, we'd have to assume that these aren't exactly Aquman's clothes. If he comes out of the sea he probably doesn't do it wearing a sweater and an overcoat, they would just get too heavy underwater. We'd guess the villagers here provided him with something to wear with whatever they had lying around that would fit a gigantic man. Nobody else in town looks quite that big so the options were probably somewhat limited.

At the same time, the outfit really changes the look of the character. Throughout most of the Justice League trailer, Arthur Curry isn't wearing a shirt at all, which is a pretty normal look for Aquaman. In this outfit, he just looks like any old guy. This image could be from a romantic comedy as easily as it could be from Justice League.

Based on the trailer we know that Aquaman will at first reject Bruce Wayne's invitation, so we'd guess these scenes take place fairly early in the film, in order to give Aquaman enough time to reconsider and eventually come around. Hopefully, he ditches the sweater quickly. He's not actually cold, is he?

We're looking forward to finally seeing Aquaman, regardless of his wardrobe, along with the rest of the Justice League when the movie hits screens on November 17, 2017

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