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The next comic book movie we see will be the last one for Hugh Jackman. Logan is on the horizon and now we have a new image of his primary protagonist, Caliban. Though, clearly, it still creates more questions than answers. We know that Stephen Merchant will be playing the Morlock character in the new film, but we still have no idea how exactly he'll fit in the story.

The image comes courtesy of Kellvin Chavez of Latino Review and it gives us a closer look at Caliban than we have previously seen, although, since most of his face is covered, we still can't actually get a good look at him. With the goggles, he's actually even more covered up than we have previously viewed him. Will there be a part of the movie that takes place in the desert? His physical appearance isn't that important, as the character previously appeared in this year's X-Men: Apocalypse so even those not familiar with the comic book will know the character. He's an albino and he's bald. We're assuming, with Logan coming right on the heels of X-Men: Apocalypse, that this version of Caliban is just an older version of the one we've seen.

Exactly how Caliban will fit into the story is unknown, though since the character's primary ability is to be able to sense other mutants nearby, we're guessing that he's going after X-23, the girl that Wolverine is protecting. He must sense her and have some plan for her abilities, though what that could be is anybody's guess at this point. We know that the story takes place in the future of the X-Men movie timeline and most mutants are already gone, perhaps finding a new one is such a rare occurrence that everybody will be after her, just because she's there.

The only thing we know about Caliban is that he'll be played by comedian Stephen Merchant. While the casting choice might seem out of left field, a villain with a sense of humor may be exactly the thing that Logan needs to balance out its darker elements. The initial trailer has shown us a film that is clearly the most serious of any within the X-Men franchise. Having a little bit of humor wouldn't be too much to ask. Of course, Merchant doesn't have to play the role with a sense of humor, he can be as serious as anybody when he needs to be.

We're certainly looking forward to Hugh Jackman's swan song as Wolverine when he plays the character for the final time next year. With Patrick Stewart returning as well Logan is set up to be a stellar ending to what has been an impressive run for Jackman. Logan hits theaters March 3, 2017.

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