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The 10 Movies Coming In 2017 That Audiences Can’t Wait To See

Beauty and the Beast

2016 has nearly come to a close, thank god. The good news though is that we now have an entire year's worth of new movies to look forward to seeing. There are 10 films in particular that fans are really looking forward to checking out. Based on the list it would appear that Disney will be looking to have a 2017 that was as good as their 2016, as they lead the list with the first three slots.

1. Star Wars: Episode VIII2. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 23. Disney's Beauty and the Beast4. Wonder Woman5. Spider-Man: Homecoming6. Justice League7. The Fate of the Furious8. Fifty Shades Darker9. Logan10. Despicable Me 3

In what is likely little surprise to anybody, the top of the list, put together via a survey on Fandango, is owned by Star Wars. 2017 will bring us the next installment in the new trilogy and after Star Wars: The Force Awakens became one of the biggest movies ever, there's no surprise that audiences are waiting to see what happens next with Star Wars: Episode VIII. Marvel Studios owns two spots on the list with the two films they have coming out next year, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is in the second slot while Spider-Man: Homecoming is in the fifth. Guardians of the Galaxy went from being a relatively obscure comic to one of Marvel's biggest hits, still, it's a bit surprising seeing it above some of the biggest names in the history of comic books.

Disney's fourth film on the list is their live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast. While the success of The Jungle Book certainly shows that the audience is there, and the fact that the animated feature is one of Disney's most loved means we would expect it to make a list like this. Still, seeing it at number three is a bit surprising. Behind only Star Wars and Marvel, it sets a big expectation for that film.

Wonder Woman

To match Marvel's two entries on the list DC has a pair of their own. Wonder Woman has a slight edge over Marvel's wall-crawler in the number four spot. Expectations are very high for the movie, so much so that it's apparently a more anticipated film than the big Justice League team-up coming later in the year. DC's movies haven't had the critical acclaim that Marvel has had and many are looking to Wonder Woman as a way to potentially turn that around.

The rest of the list is made up of sequels to popular franchises. Logan is the last comic book movie to make the list. While many are looking forward to that one the X-Men franchise is coming off a rough outing with X-Men: Apocalypse which may have soured some on Hugh Jackman's last turn with the character.

Which are your most anticipated movies of 2017? Let us know in the comments below.

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