The Rings Poster Is Actually A Really Great Explanation Of The Plot

It has become a well-established fact that the best horror movies rely on the simplest premises. Whether it is "the call is coming from inside the house," or "don't read from the book of the dead," all it takes is one basic idea to create a great franchise. The Ring series figured that formula out years ago (after co-opting it from the original Japanese property of the same name) and a brand new poster for Rings serves as a simple yet effective reminder of that straightforward premise. Check it out below to see for yourself.

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Even if you have no prior knowledge of the core foundation of The Ring franchise, that poster should pretty much bring you up to speed. If you watch a cursed video, you will receive a phone call telling you that a demonic girl named Samara will hunt you down in seven days and kill you. It is simple and straightforward -- which is pretty much the hallmark of a great horror movie. Despite the fact that it has been over a decade since we last saw Naomi Watts' Rachel Keller face off against this demonic little girl, her appeal as a movie monster remains as potent as ever.

The fact that Rings is hitting theaters so soon should come as a huge comfort to horror fans everywhere. Although the horror genre went through a somewhat dark period over the course of the 2000s, the last few years have served as a fantastic rebirth for terror-inducing movies. Between films like It Follows, Don't Breathe, and The Eyes of My Mother, budding filmmakers have slowly but surely proven themselves to be more than capable of handling even the most outlandish horror premises. As the genre continues to earn back its prestige and its respect, we have a distinct feeling that Rings could very quickly become one of the most fun horror sequels in recent memory.

At this point, all we need to see is some genuinely chilling videos, and we will be on board with the sequel.

As always, CinemaBlend will bring you all of the latest, greatest, and downright scariest updates related to the upcoming release of Rings as new information is made available to us. The long-awaited horror sequel will hit theaters next month on February 3. Stay tuned for more horrific details!

If you need any further convincing that Rings will be serve as an incredible resurgence for this long dormant horror franchise (although you really shouldn't) check out the official trailer for the upcoming spooky sequel on the next page to see some footage for yourself. Don't worry; you will not die seven days after watching it -- we think...

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