One Key Thing Ryan Reynolds Had To Explain To His Deadpool Stunt Double


One of the big wins in movies in 2016 was Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool. Everybody pretty much agrees he nailed that. Although, apparently getting his stunt doubles to handle the role the same way was a little tougher. Apparently, Reynolds had to ask his stunt doubles to move a little differently when playing the character, in order to match what the actor was doing.

Deadpool is so feminine. At least in how I saw him. ... I'd say, 'When you land, can you sashay away?'

Ryan Reynolds spent years working on making a Deadpool movie a reality. As such, he had a lot of time to consider how the character would look, act, and move. He tells Variety that he decided the character would move very differently than your normal macho superhero. Apparently, this was tough for some of the stunt doubles, who, one expects, were some pretty tough customers. Rather than walking around with a masculine stride, he needed them to have a little spring in their step.

Oh to be a fly on the wall during a conversation with Ryan Reynolds and his stunt double. One can only imagine how that went. Was there some sort of choreography class in order to get Deadpool's walk down properly? Stunt people are probably not required to sashay very often. Did they need to practice that?

Still, it makes perfect sense. Deadpool was about as different from your standard comic book movie as we've ever seen. First, it was significantly more violent and bloody. Second, it was funny. If you're trying to make a comic book superhero stand out from the crowd, the best thing you can do is make him look different. As a character, Deadpool doesn't necessarily look that different physically. He's actually covered in spandex just like most other heroes. Because the mask is almost always on him you can't even differentiate the character with facial expressions. The way to make him come across as different on the screen is in the movement.

So much of Deadpool was about poking fun at superhero movies in general. If he hadn't been that different from the rest of them the jokes wouldn't have landed nearly as well.

Deadpool has continued to be a unique film as it currently sits as the first live-action comic book movie to be nominated for Best Picture at the Golden Globes. Ryan Reynolds was also nominated for Best Actor. Considering how difficult it was to turn Deadpool into a reality, it would seem the film continues to surprise people.

We'll be watching next weekend to see if Deadpool becomes as successful at winning awards as it was at producing ticket sales.

Dirk Libbey
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