Pulp Fiction Video Shows How To Make A Tasty Big Kahuna Burger

Quentin Tarantino's 1994 movie Pulp Fiction has a lot of memorable moments, from Uma Thurman and John Travolta dancing to Chuck Berry at a 1950s-themed restaurant to Christopher Walken talking about how he hid a watch up his ass. However, from a food perspective, the movie shines best with its talk about burgers, specifically the Big Kahuna Burger that Samuel L. Jackson's Jules snacks on. Unlike the McDonald's Quarter Pounder with Cheese, a.k.a. a Royale with Cheese, the Big Kahuna Burger isn't a legitimate fast food staple, but one YouTuber took it upon himself to provide instructions to the movie's fans on how to make such a tasty treat.

Since Big Kahuna Burger, the Hawaiian burger joint that has some tasty burgers, doesn't exist in real life, YouTube food connoisseur Andrew Rea decided to make one of these eponymous sandwiches as part of his Binging with Babish series. Acknowledging that the actual Big Kahuna Burger seen in Pulp Fiction looks pretty "boring," Rea opted two make two versions of the burger: the boring one and a Hawaiian one with more flair. Both burger patties were made from a two-ounce ball of beef being smashed down on a "smoking hot" cast-iron pan. For the actual Hawaiian burger, he caramelized some pineapple and onions, toasted the buns over hot butter, added Monterey Jack cheese and put on ketchup and teriyaki sauce. Voila! A delicious Big Kahuna Burger that frankly looks more appetizing than the one from Pulp Fiction.

For those who need a refresher, the Big Kahuna Burger came into play in Pulp Fiction when Jules and Vincent stopped by to see Brett, the man who had screwed over their boss, Marsellus Wallace. Coming to retrieve that mysterious briefcase with the glowing contents we still wonder about over two decades later, Jules decided to instill some false comfort into Brett and his associates, which included commenting on their breakfasts that morning: the Big Kahuna Burgers. Jules then ate some of Brett's burger and finished off his soda with a look daring Brett to snatch the drink away from him. From there, things escalated quickly, and Brett and his buddies were gunned down (except for Marvin, who met his own ugly end not long after), making the Big Kahuna Burgers their final meal. So if you find yourself watching Pulp Fiction at some point this year and want to enjoy an appropriate snack during the viewing, you might consider pulling up this video in the kitchen.

If any of you decide to follow Andrew Rea's recipe and make yourself a Big Kahuna Burger, let us know how it tasted in the comments below.

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