While it's great to see original stories being told in Hollywood, the fact of the matter is that the movie industry is heavily reliant on existing intellectual property. Just look at all the sequels that are being released in 2017, from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 to Star Wars: Episode VIII. Following in a close second are the remakes/reboots, i.e. movies that are re-adapting previously released movies or TV shows. Sometimes these are well-received, other times they make us wonder why a studio bothered revisiting this property at all.

Make no mistake, 2017 will be remake/reboot heavy, so we've gathered all of the movies falling under this category that are being released over the next 12 months. Full disclosure, there wont be any entries mentioning direct sequels to previous reboots, which is which is why you won't see something like War for the Planet of the Apes.

Kong: Skull Island

Release Date: March 10th

12 years after Peter Jackson directed the more traditional remake of the original King Kong movie, Warner Bros is taking the giant ape in a different direction with Kong: Skull Island. Set in the 1970s as the Vietnam War still rages, the reboot will see the action taking place on Kong's home turf, as the gigantic gorilla will be dealing with a team of unwanted explorers, as well as some of the other monstrosities that reside on Skull Island, including "skull crushers." Kong: Skull Island also exists in the same universe as the new Godzilla movies, and in 2020, Kong will return to face off against the giant reptile, so don't worry about the ape meeting his demise in this movie.

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