Possible First Look At Superman’s Black Suit In Justice League Revealed


It's no secret that Superman will be appearing in the upcoming Justice League movie, despite having sacrificed himself and being buried at the end of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. All signs seem to point to a small adaptation of the classic "The Death and Return of Superman" comic arc, wherein Superman "dies" in battle, only to return some time later. Other than his mullet, Superman's black resurrection costume has become a key symbol of the event, and it looks like the character will be sporting something similar in Justice League. Check out a possible first look at Henry Cavil in a version of the black colored outfit.

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Obviously, this Twitter post is by no means an official image, and given the fact that just about anybody can edit on Photoshop these days, there's a chance this is fake. BUT it might not be, so it's worth sharing for discussion purposes. It's hard to see the nuts and bolts of the picture because it's so blurry (a sign that it has the potential to be fake), but we may be seeing what Henry Cavill looks like in a black version of the Superman outfit.

I kind of hope that this isn't the real black outfit, because this suit has very little bells and whistles added to it. It's literally just his usual red and blue costume dyed black. Seeing all the detail that Zack Snyder and team have put into new costumes for characters like Batman and the Flash, it's hard to imagine they'd skimp out on Superman. The black version of his costume is fairly iconic, and this sort of nerdiness is what the DCEU does best.

In the comics, Superman first wears the suit when he wakes up from his Kryptonian hibernation healing, after the world thought he died fighting Doomsday. It was black and had a silver shield right on the chest, and also didn't have a cape like the suit seen above. In the comics, the black suit also had a few design trinkets that his classic costume didn't have. He was also sporting a mullet, which is an important detail that many fans are hoping to see translated to live action. Nothing says you've got an attitude more than an all black costume and a mullet.

We've known for some time that Henry Cavil will be wearing some version of the black costume, but we've yet to receive an official image. That's likely to change as we get closer to Justice League's release date on November 17, 2017.

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