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How The Director Who Slammed Keira Knightley Is Trying To Make Things Right

A couple of days ago, John Carney, the director of Sing Street and Begin Again, happened to make some choice remarks about how he basically didn't want to work with Keira Knightly ever again. We were as surprised as you were, frankly, and the only thing that's even more surprising is the whip fast turnaround between the disparaging remarks and Carney's apology. You can read said apology, courtesy of a tweet from the director, below.

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This apology comes from only a couple of hours ago, on John Carney's Twitter feed, but the response itself looks like it's the result of quite a bit of thought. In his statement, Carney blamed his words on the fact that in picking apart his own work, he pointed the finger in a direction that he now feels he shouldn't have. He also stated that this public apology comes after a more private apology to Keira Knightley herself, so that way the record is set straight on his faux pas for all to see. While an apology was more than likely always in the cards, we have to wonder if the quick response is out of heartfelt shame, or out of a need for damage control?

It's not that we think John Carney is insincere with his effort to make peace, as again the wording and the tone of his follow-up isn't just a simple form letter rush job. However, with Sing Street still in theatrical exhibition, and Hollywood already seeing the possible effects of Johnny Depp's personal scandals wrecking havoc on the box office for Alice Through The Looking Glass, there are bound to be those who think that Carney's trying to prevent any bleeding. Especially after the 80's set musical saw a bit of a drop in its receipts itself this past weekend. However, it's the rather low-key / indie nature of Sing Street that wards off anyone who's trying to use the argument of the film's box office fate.

While it's done rather well in independent distribution, barring any break out raves, the film was never going to match the heights of films such as Captain America: Civil War or X-Men: Apocalypse. Though, as anyone will tell you, there's always another motive in the works when it comes to selling a film. With independent films like Sing Street tending to draw a lot of notice during the end of the year awards run than at the box office, the eventual argument that awards judges won't notice this snafu when it comes time to vote is going to make its way out there.

No matter how you look at it, John Carney did the right thing by apologizing to Keira Knightley. His apology was timely and thought out, and that's where the matter should end if both parties are satisfied. Though we haven't really heard from Knightley herself on the matter, so one has to wonder if this will truly be the end of the matter. In the meantime, you can see Sing Street in theaters now, or you can see Keira Knightley's next big screen appearance this winter, as she's starring in Collateral Beauty this December.

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