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The DC Extended Universe is a tricky beast. While Marvel slowly and methodically introduced original characters while also developing a business model, the DCEU went ham from the jump. A ton of characters have been shown throughout its three movies, with schedules and power within the studio in constant motion. As such, fans are cautiously optimistic about its next few installments, including James Wan's upcoming Aquaman. While development for the spinoff seems to be progressing properly, Wan just posted a photo that should make the doubters let out a sigh of relief.

James Wan is one director who is usually pretty generous in regards to visibility and conversation on his social media. As such, he recently posted a photo with Aquaman's lead actors, commemorating the first table read of the script. Check it out.

Now that's an image to be excited for. In the above photo James Wan is flanked by the leading characters of Aquaman, marking one of the first times that the principles have been photographed together. After making a reference about The Breakfast Club, Wan put the simple hashtag #TableRead.

While we haven't really been introduced to the world of Aquaman and Atlantis, actors Jason Momoa and Amber Heard have actually already played their respective roles in the DCEU. Because both Atlantean characters will make their big entrance in Zack Snyder's upcoming superhero team up Justice League. From the film's trailer it seems like Momoa's Arthur Curry will be one of the more difficult heroes to convince to join the team. He's particularly surly, and seems to have bad blood with the surface world. It's likely during the character's exposition that we'll meet his wife Mera.

Joining James Wan, Jason Momoa, and Amber Heard is Watchmen actor Patrick Wilson. Wilson will play the villainous Ocean Master, who will be the main antagonist in Aquaman. Coincidently, Wilson's voice has already appeared in the DC Extended Universe. He actually voiced the unseen President of the United States in Batman v Superman, where he was heard making some big decisions about Superman's conflict with Doomsday. But Aquaman will be the first time the actor will physically appear in the budding cinematic universe. Wilson also has a great working relationship with James Wan, appearing in both the Insidious and Conjuring franchises.

jason momoa in justice leauge

Seeing the principle cast of Aquaman assembled with James Wan is super exciting. While the character may not be the most beloved in DC's canon, Game of Thrones actor Jason Momoa has exactly the physical presence to make the character fairly terrifying. And given Wan's impressive past within the horror genre, Aquaman may just be the scariest DCEU entry for quite some time.

Aquaman will swim into theaters in 2018.

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