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When all you have to go on is a title, you spend an awful lot of energy trying to dissect that title. We now know that the next Star Wars movie is called Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and while we've spent as much time as anybody parsing the words, some have taken it to the next level. Some folks have decided that the reason the new film is called The Last Jedi is because the words seem to follow The Force Awakens perfectly, as if they're two-thirds of the way to forming a complete sentence.

Twitter has been buzzing over the last day or so after somebody took the two known titles of the current Star Wars trilogy and discovered that they fit together. Not only that, but if you assume that the two titles were designed to go together, you could potentially use them top attempt to predict what the title of Star Wars: Episode IX will be.

Is it possible that the Star Wars movies are intentionally creating titles that will fit together into some sort of meta-title? Sure, it's possible. Nobody at Disney has stated that they're not doing that. Of course, that doesn't mean that such a thing is likely. This is really more an example of what happens when fans spend a little too much time obsessing over the one piece of news that they've received in months. We've certainly done our share of deep diving into the meaning of the title, though this is one angle that's new to us.

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If nothing else, playing with the titles will certainly give us something to entertain ourselves with, at least until we get our first trailer. Although, at the rate things are going, that could still be months away, so we might be playing this game for awhile.

If Star Wars is setting us up for a three film long title sentence, what do you think Star Wars: Episode IX will be called? Give us your best guess in the comments below.

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