The Insane Amount Of Money Michael Keaton’s Batman Returns Suit Was Sold For

Batman Returns

There is no superhero with more history on the silver screen than Batman. The character has been tackled many different times by a wide variety of directors and filmmakers -- all of whom brought something different and exciting. One of the most unique moments in the character's long history was Tim Burton's 1992 outing, Batman Returns, which has become iconic for its off-kilter and bizarre treatment of the Gotham City mythos. The film's 25-year legacy is unquestionable at this point, and Michael Keaton's Batsuit from the movie even recently sold for a whopping $41,250.

A recent report from ABC indicates that the Michael Keaton Batman suit from Tim Burton's Batman Returns sold for a pretty penny at a Los Angeles auction. After a series of bids, the final price of the suit came out to be $41,250 -- an increase over the initial bid by a few thousand dollars. The suit comes mounted on a frame with Keaton's visage engraved into the face, and comes with everything that you would expect from an outfit as badass as this: utility belt, cape, cowl, etc. I think it's officially safe to say that the person who got his or hands on this piece of movie history is officially the envy of Bat-fans all over the world.

The Batman Returns suit is marginally distinct from the original Batman suit from 1989, but there are differences. Most notably, the 1989 suit features a more organic and muscular look (something Joel Schumacher would expand on in later incarnations), while Batman Returns features a more armor-plated look to the costume -- which Christopher Nolan would eventually pick up on for The Dark Knight trilogy. Check out a comparison of the two below to see for yourself:

Michael Keaton Batman

Nearly all of the costumes from the Tim Burton era of Batman movies have become iconic in their own right over the years. From Batman's black rubber suit (the most formidable looking Hollywood superhero outfit of its time), to The Joker's iconic purple suit, to Catwoman's stitched together leather duds, Burton's team always knew how to take classic ideas and filter them through the director's gothic sensibilities. They weren't just faithful to the source material; they were distinct and memorable in ways that other comic book movies often have failed to replicate.

Michael Keaton's Batman is one of the most iconic and legendary silver screen superheroes in the history of the comic book medium. Considering the sheer amount of iconography associated with that Batman Returns suit, I think $41,250 is a steal. We will bring you more Batman news as it becomes available to us. The character is currently slated to make his next appearance in The LEGO Batman Movie on February 10, 2017.

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