This Sunday, Super Bowl LI will dominate television screens all across the nation, as the Falcons will square off against the Patriots in a pageant of sportsmanship and strategic dominance. Of course, if you don't really care about football, there's the fact that Lady Gaga is playing the official halftime show, which is sure to be an entertainment event that will be heavily discussed well into the following week.

And then there's you: the movie geek. You're only watching this damned dog and pony show because you're looking for the first and further glimpses into the coming year's box office offerings. With that in mind, we've put together a sort of wish list for the films that we feel you, the movie consumer, need to see more of. Or, in the case of some of these films, it'd be nice to see some footage debut, so as to remind us that yes, these movies are still happening in 2017. Feel free to stop agonizing over the office pool you know you're going to lose, and take a look at what we're hoping shows up during Super Bowl LI.

Saban's Power Rangers

While we've had two trailers already unveiled for Saban's Power Rangers, the Super Bowl is the sort of occasion that would call for a fast paced, action packed TV spot to get the crowd going. Though, if we were to be honest, we could stand to see a little more story revealed, as the film's got us in a surprisingly positive mood, and we're primed to be won over by the film on the whole.

Here's What We Already Know About Power Rangers

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