How Many Thor: Ragnarok Scenes Will Be Set On Earth

Thor: The Dark World

With a brand new extensive look at the delightful madness that is Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, it's finally time to start training our eyes back on the stars of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It's about time, too, as we haven't really focused on them that much since the 2014 debut of the circle of jackasses that defeated Ronan the Accuser. But could there be more space-faring adventure in our future besides the exploits of Star-Lord and his friends? As it turns out, Thor: Ragnarok is going to have a lot of intergalactic planet-hopping itself.

During a set visit for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, CinemaBlend had a moment to speak with Marvel Studios' mastermind Kevin Feige. With that chat in full play, there was talk about the direction that the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe is about to take off into, and Feige wasn't shy about giving specifics in the following statement:

The upcoming movies will be as much up here [in space], as they are on Earth, starting with not Spider-Man, starting with Thor: Ragnarok. There are three scenes on Earth in Thor: Ragnarok. Everything else is Asgard, and not all of these worlds, but worlds that certainly... let's put it this way, in Thor lingo, it's beyond the nine realms. There are other planets that we spend a lot of time on in Thor: Ragnarok, that certainly people would say, 'oh, that's sort of like the Guardians world', but they're just other areas of the Marvel cosmos universe.

Now that Kevin Feige has officially sent the Marvel Cinematic Universe into space for many of the upcoming movies, the pieces are all starting to fit into place. Considering that Thor: Ragnarok has integrated a lot of story elements from Planet Hulk, Thanos is a "main character" in Avengers: Infinity War and Carol Danvers, a.k.a. Captain Marvel herself, still needs to be introduced, there's a lot of out of this world action that needs to be had. Which is probably a good thing, considering Captain America: Civil War has made the Earthbound portion of the MCU into a political playground of differing ideologies, making it exactly what folks probably don't want to focus on right now.

Of course, there will be a great amount of crossover when Avengers: Infinity War comes to town, but in order for Thanos to truly wreck shop, the space flavored corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe needs just as much, if not a lot more, love in the development process that the Earthbound piece has gotten. So pushing for more "space movies" in Marvel Studios' canon is not only a really neat chance to break out the more colorful shades in the MCU's visual palette, it just makes good business sense. And as we've seen in the past, Marvel Studios knows how to occupy that sweet spot between business sensibility and all out action spectacle.

Thor: Ragnarok brings the hammer down in lands beyond the Nine Realms on November 3.

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