Get Your First Look At The Lego Ninjago Movie’s Key Characters

The Lego Movie was a hit that few people saw coming, but the most surprising thing about it may be the franchise that it launched. While The Lego Batman Movie is set to hit screens this weekend, that's not the only new Lego movie on the way. The first trailer for The Lego NINJAGO Movie is about to arrive, but before it does we've received a sneak peek at the characters who will make up the film.

While The Lego Movie showed off many of the different sorts of Lego sets that have been produced over the years, one area that it did not deal with was the martial arts inspired Ninjago. Now, they're getting their own movie but just because The Lego NINJAGO Movie will stand on its own does not mean that it won't share much of the same humor. The cast alone shows us this one is going to be funny.



Garmadon is the big bad of The Lego NINJAGO Movie. According to Warner Bros. Garmadon is officially The Worst Guy Ever, and the capital letters tell you it's serious, which clearly makes him a force to be reckoned with. Making matters worse, he's also the father of the film's lead hero, Lloyd, which one assumes makes family dinners a complicated affair. Garmadon is voiced by Justin Theroux who previously did voice work for films like Megamind. We're guessing that Garmadon will be an apt follow-up to President Business from The Lego Movie, equal parts evil and hilarious.

The LEGO Ninajgo Movie

The Secret Ninja Crew

The Hero's of The Lego NINJAGO Movie are main character Lloyd, and his secret ninja crew. Lloyd, the character front and center in the image above, is voiced by Dave Franco. He will be studying the art of Spinjitsu along with his friends, Kai (Michael Pena), Nya (Abbi Jacobsen), and Jay (Kumail Nanjiani) on his left, and Zane (Zach Woods) and Cole (Fred Armisen) on his right. Lloyd is a Master Builder, like the heroes of The Lego Movie, which tells us that this movie will take a few cues from the original. Also co-starring will be Olivia Munn as the voice of Lloyd's mother.

Master Wu

Master Wu

Teaching the secret ninjas the art of Spinjitsu will be Master Wu, who will be voiced by quite possibly the best possible choice alive, Jackie Chan. Wu is described as wise-cracking as well as wise, which means that Wu will likely contain the same mix of comedy and martial arts that Chan himself does. We're not sure if it's possible to adapt Jackie Chan's fighting style to an animated film using Lego minifigs, but we'd love to see them try it.

Check out the trailer teaser for The Lego Ninjago Movie on the next page. The film is scheduled for release September 22.

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