Gory Logan Clip Shows X-Men Fans The New Weapon X Program

One of the few things we know about the young girl named Laura in Logan is that she has many of the same abilities as Wolverine. A new video now shows us a little bit of how she came by them. It's an intriguing clip that has the look of amateur video footage rather than film, so it's not clear if this actually part of the movie Logan or just some ancillary material, but either way the whole thing is more than a little chilling.

The clip is simply titled Laura.mov and was sent out on the Twitter account of Logan director James Mangold. The footage is grainy and shows the operating room where Laura is having some sort of procedure done which one would assume is the one that turns her into the claw-wielding mutant that she is in the trailers we've seen. We get the briefest glimpse of her screaming as she realizes that something has been done to her. After that, we just look at a despondent child trying to come to terms with who she is now.

The most obvious thing about this version of the Weapon X program is that it looks to be put together much better than the original one that Logan went through. While the process that Laura in undergoing is extensive, it looks like a normal surgery. It's done in a well-lit room as opposed to a dingy basement someplace and the process just involves a few surgeons, rather than some overly complicated machine injecting adamantium into multiple parts of the body inside a water tank.

Of course, we also don't know exactly what process is being performed here. One assumes they are bonding adamantium to Laura's bones but perhaps this is something else. We don't know if her claws were naturally occurring the way that Logan's are or if they're being entirely created here.

What is clear is that by the end Laura is very much a child version of Wolverine. She has the claws and the healing ability, exemplified by her attempt to cut herself only to watch the wound heal. That moment is particularly heartbreaking.

Everything we see about Logan has us excited to see what's coming. We don't have too much longer to wait now, as the film will be in theaters March 3.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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