Does Logan Have An End Credit Scene?

Logan star Hugh Jackman

Update: James Mangold has now said that there isn't a post-credits scene. And reports have shifted to say that Mangold and Hugh Jackman might have something special in line for fans BEFORE the movie, which makes little sense, but here we are...

Not too long ago, we picked up on some rumors that Logan, the final entry into Hugh Jackman's tenure as Wolverine in the X-Men universe, might possibly have a post-credits sequence. This information came in spite of last week's press screenings of the film being absent of such content. But we were tipped off regarding an additional three minutes added onto the film's running time. Well, it looks like that rumor has been confirmed, as there's word that the film will indeed have folks with small bladders waiting out the credits just a little longer.

Collider has run into information that confirms the previously reported item that Logan's extra runtime would in fact be dedicated to a moment beyond the movie's currently specified dimensions. Of course, no further details about what this scene will contain, or how it will link into the X-Men / Wolverine canon, are available. Which means the speculation machines are up and running full throttle. We'll have to rely on our newsies to find out what people really want. It has to be admitted that this news is a bit of a head scratcher, seeing as Logan's tone promises not to match up to that of a typical comic book movie, where end-credit scenes flourish.

With an extremely grounded tone towards the madness that is Logan, trying to imagine what you'd included at the end of the film's events is as difficult as pegging those events themselves. Not to mention, what could this scene address? Did they break their promise and include a Deadpool cameo after all? Do they use this moment to sell another Marvel movie, like how The Amazing Spider-Man 2 had a marketing scene from X-Men: Days Of Future Past added into its mid-credit roll? The possibilities are somewhat endless, although none of them really fit the crunch of the world outside.

Perhaps the biggest question we have about Logan's newly confirmed stinger is whether it was studio mandated, or if James Mangold and crew always had something planned from the start? It'd be easier to believe that second scenario, as basically the rest of the film is Mangold being given carte blanche to begin with. But even if it was a studio issued edict that required a small moment at the tail end of the film, it'd probably be something that doesn't screw up the rest of what Logan is all about. At least, the optimist in us believes in that scenario anyway.

On the bright side, whatever this post-credits scene is, it's just one more reason to get amped for Logan, which will pop its claws out for the masses on March 3rd.

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