Logan TV Spot Drops Surprise Twist About The Future Of The Mutants

We know that Logan takes place in the future of the X-Men universe, where Professor X and Wolverine himself are getting on in years. However, it turns out that we may not know quite as much about the world as we thought. We've heard Hugh Jackman tell us in previous ads and trailers that almost all mutants are gone, but a second spot for Logan that aired last night after the Super Bowl implies that might not actually be the case. Professor Xavier says something that would indicate that the mutants are still out there after all.

Where we're going, there are more of them.

The TV spot opens the same way many of them do, with Logan saying that mutants are "gone now." However, this is followed by Patrick Stewart's voice saying "not yet." A few seconds later, we hear Patrick Stewart again, saying this line about there being more of them. It seems clear from the sound of Stewart's voice that his line isn't a direct response to what Hugh Jackman says in the opening but the meaning would seem to be clear. Check out the spot below.

This ad may explain a lot about the setup of Logan that we didn't previously know. We knew that the movie was ultimately about Logan and Professor X protecting the little girl named Laura but it wasn't entirely clear exactly how they were planning to do that. We also have seen that a large part of the movie will follow our main characters as they do a lot of driving. We may now have an indication as to where they're actually headed. Perhaps there is some sort of mutant safe haven someplace, where those that survive are hiding together for better protection. It would make as much sense as anything for a destination for our trio, as a place like that could probably protect the girl, at least until she's better at protecting herself.

How they know that such a place exists isn't clear, though we wouldn't put it past Charles Xavier to just know, he's just the sort of guy who always has the right knowledge. If true, this would put most of the rest of the movie into context. The only thing we're really missing at this point is how Laura comes into contact with our titular hero in the first place.

For a sneak peek without spoilers, click over to page two for a look at a brief scene from Logan. You'll be able to see the rest when it hits theaters March 3.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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