Wonder Woman Has Screened For An Audience, Here’s What’s Being Said

The DCEU is currently in need of a home run, and the next major movie up to bat is Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman -- which will debut in theaters later this summer. Diana Prince's (Gal Gadot) solo movie will mark the first ever mainstream comic book adventure fronted by a major female superhero, which means Wonder Woman will represent an undeniable watershed moment for the genre when it finally hits theaters. This raises one significant question: how good is the movie? It seems that reactions from test audiences are starting to appear online, and it seems that (for the most part) fans have responded positively to the final product. Check out the tweet below to see for yourself.

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So right off the bat, it seems that people who have seen Wonder Woman are certainly taking to Twitter to tell the world that the movie is good. Test audiences have responded well to the first cut of the film that has screened for a lucky few members of the moviegoing populace, and there seems to be a growing sense of excitement about the project.

Although specific details about the quality of the film remain obscure (at best), it appears that the movie is definitely better than the two DC projects that preceded it in 2016. Opinions about movies are obviously subjective, but the fact that test audiences enjoyed Wonder Woman bodes well for the future of the DCEU.

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However, others have pointed out some critical caveats about test audiences that are always worth remembering. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice similarly made a great impression on test crowds who saw the movie before its full theatrical release, and that film ultimately debuted to a lukewarm response from critics and mainstream audiences alike. These early screenings are not an exact science.

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Oddly enough, there seems to be one particular aspect of Wonder Woman that has shined above all the rest: Chris Pine. Some members of the test crowds have specifically singled him out as the best part of the movie, which means that we can look forward to a fantastic depiction of Steve Trevor when the film finally debuts.

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As exciting as that development is, it also raises questions about whether or not he outshines Gal Gadot. Wonder Woman was a standout character during her appearance in Dawn of Justice, so we're just hoping that she can recapture that magic this time around.

We will bring you more information related to Wonder Woman as new details become available to us. The female-fronted superhero epic will blast its way into theaters this summer on June 2, 2017.

Looking for an even closer glimpse at Patty Jenkins' upcoming DC superhero adventure? Check out a trailer for Wonder Woman on the next page to see Gal Gadot's badass amazon in action!

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