Horror films have proven to be quite a fertile playground for first time directors. Burgeoning filmmakers have been able to have fun and strut their stuff within the constraints of the genre, all without spending dozens of millions of dollars.

If directors like Jordan Peele of Get Out can muster up a worthwhile film that finds an audience, they can then use it as a springboard for more ambitious and costly films. Most of the time, though, their debuts efforts are drenched in such passionate that these directors are unable to even match let alone eclipse them.

This week, Peele becomes the latest first-time director to dabble in the horror genre with Get Out. The film's 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes (for now), which is proof that its been quite a successful dabble, too. But where does it rank against other films from debut filmmakers? Thankfully we're here to help, because here are the 10 greatest horror movies made by first-time directors.

10. Fright Night

While it might have taken The Wicker Man a few years to finally earn the praise it deserved, Fright Night found an audience from the very first August night it was released back in 1985. Tom Holland's debut film, which followed on from him scribing Cloak & Dagger, The Beast Within, and Psycho II, grossed $24.9 million, and was even followed by a sequel and a remake. But nothing quite matches the original, which is as scary as it is funny, with Chris Sarandon particularly brilliant as the vampire next door.

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