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A still from the Uncharted video game

An Uncharted movie has been touted for several years now. In fact, it's gone through many guises with David O. Russell, Neil Burger and Seth Gordon all linked to helming the film at one stage or another. In recent months the adaptation of the beloved video game has once again picked up some steam, as it has been announced that Joe Carnahan is writing the script and Shawn Levy is directing, while production is due to begin in late spring of 2017. But while that's obviously exciting, the revelation that Neil Druckmann, the man who has written three Unchartered video games, isn't involved and hasn't even been contacted during the development of the film has left us a little worried.

Neil Druckmann himself took to Twitter to confirm that neither he nor anyone over at Naughty Dog, the company that has produced every Uncharted video game, has actually seen or read the script. Neil Druckmann made this announcement in response to a concerned fan that was a little worried about the potential new tone of the film. Druckmann did nothing to appease these concerns by writing:

Neil Druckmann wrote the above Tweet after one gamer revealed his worries that Uncharted will be R-rated, as they insisted that shouldn't be the case because the game itself is a "lightheaded action advtr." Joe Carnahan has certainly made it sound as though his vision for Uncharted is rather mature, as he recently told Coming Soon that the film would include what he believes is the game's "foul-mouthed" dialogue, while adding, "I definitely didn't write it as a PG-13 movie."

Clearly Neil Druckmann is a little peeved as these comments from Joe Carnahan, because in his next tweet, he took aim at him. Druckmann has been getting increasingly annoyed at Carnahan for suggesting that the Uncharted film has the support of Naughty Dog, something that Druckman insisted is far from the case.

The above quote from Joe Carnahan certainly seems a little peculiar. Considering he's the one who has been researching, writing and drafting the script for the Uncharted film, he should have at least made some inroads about talking to the Naughty Dog team for advice on the film. Or at the very least, if he's not, know if an attempt has been made.

This is just the latest twist in the attempt to bring Uncharted to the big-screen. As recently as September, Uncharted was pulled from Sony's schedule as they were nowhere near ready for production. But while the addition of Joe Carnahan and Shawn Levy has solved that problem, and Carnahan has already confirmed that the script is complete, we'll have to wait for some more encouraging words from those involved before we're convinced it will be a worthy adaptation.

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