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While we saw a very advanced teaser for Deadpool 2 this past weekend courtesy of Logan, there are still a lot of components that need to be defined before the film can actually exist. Namely, the cast needs to be filled out, and as eager fans will tell you, that is a subject that's far from over and done with. Case in point is the latest rumor we've heard pertaining to the frontrunner for the role of Domino, a character who's not only conflicted and collaborated with Deadpool himself, but also Cable. Move over Kerry Washington, Janelle Monae is the new lead pick for the hotly contested role.

This news comes directly from That Hashtag Show, who previously reported on Ms. Washington's front-runner status for the role. Apparently, that's not the case anymore, and according to the show's hosts, this could be a good thing. With a long term franchise in the offing, and Janelle Monae's star on the rise, Joe from That Hashtag Show isn't wrong to point out that she'd be a great choice for a character who could span through many X-Men related pictures.

Moonlight Janelle Monae Sideeye

Presumably the role of Domino will be at first adversarial against Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool and whomever will be cast in Deadpool 2's other close horse race as Cable, considering that she was first a baddie in the X-Men universe. But seeing as the sequel to last year's surprise Fox/Marvel hit is more than likely the beginnings of yet another franchise the studio can work with, it wouldn't be a stretch to see that adversarial side become the focus of the film at hand, with the character turning to the side of good at the end of Deadpool 2, leaving her to fill out the trio for Deadpool 3: Amigos.

But above all else, Janelle Monae's skill-set as an actor would be perfect for Domino's complex personality. Between performances in both Hidden Figures and Moonlight, Monae has shown she can perform with material that requires levity as well as gravitas. If anything, the major addition that would help her branch out even further in her acting career would be the obvious stunt work that Deadpool 2 would require her to undertake. Something tells us that Monae is more than game for the cause, which only makes us more excited for her prospective casting.

Deadpool 2 has already walked a long, winding road for casting its leads, so any sort of resolution would be welcome for either Domino or Cable's pivotal roles. With the release date of the film being targeted for some time next year, the sooner would probably be the better. So as soon as we hear about any sort of updates, we'll report back as quickly as possible.

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