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With only one trailer to its name, Wonder Woman obviously still has some firepower to spare when it comes to selling Patty Jenkins' debut in the DC Cinematic Universe. Until now, there has been no new information as to when any further footage would be released. That's about to change though, as it's come to light that we'll be seeing the next peek into the adventures of Diana and her fellow Amazonians very soon. How soon? Try Saturday night, during Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards.

Batman News picked up on the announcement through a commercial recently aired for the event. Even better, Wonder Woman is also rumored to be dropping a brand new trailer during this weekend's release of Kong: Skull Island, which is probably why the new footage is also being broadcast during the Kids' Choice Awards. Our guess is whatever new trailer is supposedly dropping with Kong will be withheld from the internet until after Nickelodeon's awards show, after which time the footage will probably hit the internet for all of you eager fans.

Wonder Woman Gal Gadot Battle

So what should we expect from the Wonder Woman footage headed our way this weekend? Well, we'd like to think there'd be some inklings as to what sort of story to expect from the World War I set action adventure. In particular, a first official look at Ares, one of the villains that's been confirmed to be in the film, but still hasn't been seen in any footage. And, of course, we'd expect tons of kick-ass action from Gal Gadot's titular hero, as well as some one-liners out of the mouth of Chris Pine, as advanced word from test screenings says he steals the show with his comedic timing.

Whatever this new footage will show us in terms of Wonder Woman's first solo journey, it certainly won't be the last we'll see of her adventures. This new trailer should mark the beginning of the final, big push from DC Comics and Warner Bros to sell their next, best hope for regaining the moviegoing public's trust. So if you have a short list of stuff you're looking to see in this new trailer, don't fret if it's not there. Chances are there will be so much footage released in the next three months that you'll see everything you wanted, and even some stuff you wished they'd kept secret.

Wonder Woman will show all of the footage it has to offer on June 2nd, when it premieres in theaters. Meanwhile, the Kids Choice Awards will air on Saturday night, starting at 8 PM EST on Nickelodeon.

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