Edgar Wright's Baby Driver Just Screened, Here's What Critics Are Saying

Just as temperatures in the U.S. have started to dip again, leave it to Austin's SXSW to keep things heated, especially with Edgar Wright's Baby Driver having its first successful test drive completed at the Texas based festival. While the first trailer, which was recently dropped by Sony Pictures, is pretty awesome, there's one thing we're anxious to read about: the reaction to the actual film itself. And like always, Twitter has us covered by providing the vox populi reaction to this wanna-be blockbuster. So just what did the folks down south think of the return of the action comedy auteur? Well, see for yourself below!

We start with Entertainment Weekly's Jessica Derschowitz, who made the following remarks:

Next is Stuart Brown, the head of acquisitions from the BFI, who only raised the stakes with his evaluation, which said:

Ain't It Cool News' Eric Vespe had some pretty high praise, as he described Baby Driver as the following type of film:

Alicia Malone, she of Fandango and Screen Junkies fame, seconded some of those thoughts Vespe had to offer, chiming in with her own rave below.

But of course, a film can't please everyone, not even if it's from Edgar Wright. Sarah Ksiazek from MacGuffin Reviews laid down the following criticism that best described her experience with Baby Driver.

So there you have it! Audiences seem overly enthusiastic for the film, proving that Sony Pictures might have another huge hit emerging from SXSW, following in the footsteps of last year's Sausage Party. For those of you looking to know when you can get behind the wheel of Edgar Wright's latest, Baby Driver drives to the tune of various drummers this August, but the march to the summer of Wright begins today, as the first trailer for the film has also dropped. Head over to the next page to see the trailer!

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