Check Out The Horrible Stuff Chris Pratt Is Eating To Stay In Shape for Jurassic World 2

Sometimes an actor's job isn't just to convincingly deliver lines with emotion in front of a camera; some of them have to keep those Hollywood bods in tip top shape. In order to keep those superhero physiques for our entertainment, these actors have to take part -- not only in extensive workout routines -- but also some grueling diets. And when I say grueling, I mean they are literally eating gruel. Take Chris Pratt for instance, who has been sharing his Jurassic World 2 diet on social media, so we can all see what this sort of dieting details. It's horrible (and also a little hilarious).

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Chris Pratt is in the middle of reprising his role as Owen for Jurassic World 2, which obviously requires a lot of running from dinosaurs. As a part of his fitness regime, Pratt is allowed to have special low-calorie snacks that are as tasteless as they are healthy. The actor decided to share these treats with his followers on Instagram and has been posting "episodes" of a segment he calls "What's My Snack?" In the first post, which you can see above, Pratt enjoys something called cacao baobab banana chia which looks like baby food but only has about 18 carbs.

In typical Pratt fashion, these videos are very fun, as one post finds him sarcastically enjoying some raw fish and seafood, or as he calls it "eating cat food like a good little boy." In his most recent post, Pratt helps himself to a late night snack of olive oil pistachio cake, which doesn't sound like a real food but evidently is! You can see Pratt scarfing that little beauty below.

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These snacks don't look particularly big or fulfilling, but they must be enough to get Pratt through the long hours on set. The food we eat supplies us with energy that we use throughout the rest of the day. That's a lesson I learned from my good friend Andy Dwyer, who has a pretty good handle on the effects of a well-balanced diet. I'll just let him explain it himself:

The currently untitled Jurassic World 2 is directed by J.A. Bayona and stars the returning Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard. Also starring are Toby Jones, James Cromwell, Daniella Pineda, and Justice Smith. The sequel is currently scheduled to hit theaters on June 22, 2018, so make sure to check back in with CinemaBlend for any and all future updates.

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