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DC is getting ready for the big debut of Justice League later this year and as the hype machine goes into full swing we're getting ready for a new trailer, but first, we have the first poster to hold us over. Ahead of the trailer's debut this weekend, a couple of different posters have been revealed fror the new film. One of them focuses on Aquaman.

This poster gives us our best look at at the Lord of the Sea. We get to see him up close in what we're assuming is his full costume. In the clips we've seen previously, Jason Mamoa's character has been dressed more or less like any other person, so this is one of the first time's we've seen him in his full superhero get up. He looks absolutely fierce here, in large part because he seems to be lacking eyes.

The second poster was dropped by director Zack Snyder and it's much more general and gives us much less detail, but it's still getting us pumped for the new movie.

One of the movie industry's favorite marketing words is "teaser." We have teaser trailers and even trailer teasers, like the one we got informing us that we'll get a Justice League trailer on Saturday. What Zack Snyder dropped on Twitter is what we'd have to call a teaser poster. It doesn't really show us much or increase any of what we know about the movie, it's obviously designed to get us excited for the upcoming film and to simply begin to get us thinking about what the movie might show us. All we get is most of a Justice League logo, with a glowing star between the initials. It's not much, but what's there will certainly have fans excited for what's coming.

While we have actually already seen the first trailer for Justice League the first footage shown at least year's San Diego Comic-Con came out incredibly early considering the film had only just begun filming at that point. This time of year is when we would normally expect to begin to see new promotional material for a movie being released in November. We can really consider this poster to be the first part of the promotional push, which will be followed by this weekend's trailer.

While critics have been, well, critical, of many aspects of the DC Extended Universe films, there's no denying that the franchise has fans who are anxiously awaiting Justice League. Unlike Marvel's Cinematic Universe who introduced all of their major characters prior to putting together The Avengers, Justice League won't simply be the first time that that DC mightiest heroes are on screen together. It will essentially be the introduction of two of them. While we've seen Jason Momoa's Aquaman and Ezra Miler's Flash in a few brief cameos, this movie will be their first major appearances, as such Justice League will be an even bigger movie for the larger franchise than the team-up alone would be.

Don't mind us, we'll just be sitting here staring at this poster waiting for the new trailer to come out. We have a lot of high hopes for the future of the DCEU. Wonder Woman is set to take her bow this summer and Justice league will be following shortly thereafter. 2017 is going to be a big year.

Would you have preferred a first poster that showed a little more of Justice League or would you rather have it all held back until the film arrives in November? Let us know in the comments.

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