The Flash’s New Justice League Footage Is Charged With Excitement

DC and Warner Bros are released the next trailer for Justice League this Saturday, but to keep fans on a steady level of hype, they've also been dropping 15-second teasers, each focused on a different member of the superhero team. It started with Aquaman and followed with Batman, and now we have the teaser centered on Barry Allen, a.k.a. The Flash. Check it out!

The first seconds of this teaser replay that moment from the San Diego Comic-Con Justice League trailer when Barry Allen was watching Bruce Wayne and the Batarang he threw at him in slow motion. But from there, the content is all original, with the Scarlet Speedster getting into a contemplative stance before he starts racing and discharging electricity everywhere. Like the previous two teasers, it ends with the five Justice League heroes getting ready to exit an aircraft and jump into action.

The Flash has been getting his live action due on his own CW TV series since 2014 (although Grant Gustin's Barry Allen debuted a year earlier on Arrow), but the DCEU has been putting its own spin on the Fastest Man Alive ever since he cameoed last year in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice through both security footage and a future Barry Allen delivering a message to Bruce Wayne after the billionaire experienced his Knightmare. Ezra Miller reprised the speedy superhero a few months later in Suicide Squad, but Justice League will mark the first time he's one of the leading characters. At this point in time, Barry's been playing the superhero game for a little bit, but now he'll get to team up with others like him before he leads his own solo movie (eventually).

Along with this trailer teaser, Warner Bros also released the Flash's Justice League poster for all to enjoy.

The Flash Justice League poster

Specific plot details on Justice League are still light, but the overall story will see Batman recruiting Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg to protect the world from Steppenwolf and his Parademon army, who have come to Earth in search of the three Mother Boxes. With three teasers down, that leaves Wonder Woman and Cyborg to go before the next trailer is released. Well, there's a chance Superman could get one, too, but I suspect Warner Bros will want to keep him still shrouded in secrecy so as not to inadvertently reveal anything about how he'll be revived from the dead or encounter the eponymous team.

Justice League hits theaters on November 17, and be sure to check out our 2017 movie schedule to find out when the year's other biggest films are coming out.

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