There's No Sense Of The Average People In This World

While Man of Steel leaned heavily on the concept of collateral damage to inform its central story, Justice League seems a bit more hollow. Sure, we see Aquaman and Cyborg saving a few innocent bystanders towards the beginning of the trailer, but this first preview of the upcoming Justice League movie doesn't sell us on the sheer stakes of this war with Steppenwolf. Scope and scale? We see those ideas on display here, but there's minimal indication that individuals who are not DC icons even live in this universe. The main Justice League battle sequence seems particularly concerning, as it appears to follow the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad method of having our heroes fight the villains in an abandoned city. We don't want to watch innocent people get slaughtered, but we want a better sense that the League is fighting to protect real people from an extraterrestrial threat.

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