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In the age of the cinematic universe, films are being planned years in advance. As such, one has to wonder if DC has plans for future Wonder Woman movies, even though the first one isn't even out yet. During a panel at WonderCon, DC's head of creative Geoff Johns was asked if there were plans for Wonder Woman 2 yet. Unsurprisingly, Johns was not willing to make a definitive statement, however, his lack of clarification could certainly imply that a sequel could be in the cards. Johns specific response to the question was...

I can't confirm that

The unwritten rule of movie rumors is that if the answer is no, they'll say "no," but if the answer is yes, they'll say "I can't say." Based on that, the fact that Geoff Johns wasn't willing to confirm a Wonder Woman sequel but didn't say there were no plans for one, could mean that DC is planning for one, even if the studio is very early in those plans. Sequels are a part of franchise filmmaking after all so it would silly for them to discount a future sequel altogether.

On the one hand, if Wonder Woman is a hit, there's little question that a sequel will be in the cards. There are plans for a Suicide Squad 2 and that movie was critically panned, even though it was a box office success. Clearly, the financial success is all that is necessary for sequels to be planned, and there's no reason to believe that Wonder Woman won't be a financial success. If it happens to be praised as a movie by critics and fans alike then all the better.

On the other hand, however, it may be way too early to talk about Wonder Woman 2. At this point, DC has numerous movies already on their schedule, including The Flash, Aquaman, and Shazam. However, as it currently stands, nothing is in production to follow Justice League later this year. It's clear that DC needs to figure out what's going on with the rest of the schedule before DC and Warner Bros. can figure out where a Wonder Woman 2, would fit in it. Perhaps the reason Geoff Johns can't confirm another Wonder Woman is the studio simply has so much on the plate at this point that DC simply can't even think about any other potential films.

We'll be keeping our eye on DC to see what happens with Wonder Woman going forward. The closer we get to the first film's June release the more likely a sequel is to be announced. If the buzz leading into the first film is strong enough we could still get a sequel announcement before Wonder Woman hits screens June 2.

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