Amber Heard's Aquaman Crush Photo Is Absolutely Adorable

Making a movie as exhausting and time-intensive as Aquaman can wear on a person. It's even more perilous if you have a cast that isn't always in sync with each other, particularly if they happen to be leads. Thankfully, director James Wan looks like he's lucked out with stars Jason Momoa and Amber Heard, as the actors have been seen together, and they're usually all smiles. Take a look at the latest snap for yourself below, and really soak up the co-star chemistry.

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If this Instagram post doesn't look like the picture of camaraderie, then clearly another look must be taken. Of course, part of that successful chemistry is probably due to the fact that the two of them have already been working together on Justice League. So with Aquaman getting into the swing of things in advance of its 2018 release date, it's clear that the once and future Arthur Curry has been getting along just fine with the DCEU's incarnation of Mera; although that may not be true of their onscreen counterparts. Not only is this a good sign for the movie's sake, it's a welcome sight to see Amber Heard having fun on the job.

With her tumultuous divorce from Johnny Depp, and her recent lawsuit involving her role in the film London Fields, Amber Heard seems to be going through some difficult matters in her life. But, as any consummate professional worth their salt will tell you, the show must go on. It shows in this friendly moment between her and Jason Momoa, and it promises to only drive her performance as his eventual love interest in the DC universe. Though it wouldn't be surprising if she actually did have a crush on Momoa, because between his easygoing attitude and his beastly good looks, the man is quite the specimen.

All of this press definitely helps the cause, as Aquaman needs to stay fresh in the minds of the people, especially in a market that is oversaturated with superhero stories. While the film is a year and change from its release date, it's vital that DC and Warner Bros. keep Aquaman and co. fresh on the minds of the people. With some hard work, good listening skills, and the smiling faces of their leads, it looks like the movie could be a winner.

Aquaman will make it a wet and wild Christmas when it's released on December 21st, 2018. However, you'll get to see Amber Heard's Mera in action in Justice League, which drops on November 17.

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