New Rogue One Videos Reveal More Easter Eggs

When it comes to trivia, you won't find a film franchise richer in backstory and facts than Star Wars. The series is jam packed with details and production history that some fans pride themselves on knowing. That hunt for secrets goes double for easter eggs, which can be obvious or deviously hidden. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story had more than it's fair share of secrets, but in case you weren't able to spot them all, Star Wars has released a handy set of videos detailing some of the easter eggs that can be found in the movie. Check it out.

Star Wars knows how much its fanbase loves trivia, so they've put together a nice little series of videos on their YouTube channel focusing on just a few of the easter eggs that can be caught in the film. These easter eggs range from references to past films, to cameos, to little nuggets of production backstory. First up is a blink-and-you-miss-it cameo of the drone droid that scouts Hoth, first seen in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. The floating droid can briefly be seen in the background on the planter Jedha.

Remember Dejarik, that really cool holographic chess game from Star Wars: A New Hope? Turns out whatever company makes that game (Space-Mattel?) also makes a version for poor kids. A version of Dejarik with action figures can be seen played by a bunch of grown adults in Rogue One, who seem to be taking it pretty seriously for a game where you basically smash figurines together.

Perhaps the most notable easter egg is the confirmation that the "General Syndulla" called over the speaker system at the Rebel base is indeed the same person as Hera Syndulla, a main character on Star Wars Rebels. It's a very cool easter egg and a subtle way to tie in that cartoon to larger Star Wars canon. Writer Tony Gilroy also got his own cameo, providing his voice as a skeptical officer on the radio.

This second video is more droid and vehicle focused. Though K-2SO wasn't a practical puppet, the movie still filled its practical effects quota. In the beginning, one can briefly spot a droid with a camera-like head. That droid is entirely practical, and was created by the same team that brought BB-8 to life in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Here's something that I technically knew in my head but didn't actually realize: There are barely any vehicles with wheels in all of Star Wars. The Turbo Tank is one such vehicle and was designed by Joe Johnston. I guess when all your vehicles can float, wheels are pretty obsolete.

You can hunt down all these easter eggs and more for yourself whenever you'd like because Rogue One is currently out on Blu-ray and Digital HD.

Matt Wood

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