The Rock Called Out A Woman For Taking A Pic Of His Butt While Researching Jungle Cruise

Dwayne Johnson is the sort of actor who dives head first into his projects. So when it was announced that he had signed up to bring Jungle Cruise to life on the big screen, he immediately headed to Walt Disney World to check out the attraction the film is based on, and even commandeered a ship full of tourists. While most of the tourists on-board the Jungle Cruise were immediately shell-shocked by the sight of the acting titan, one individual managed to keep her senses and even snapped herself an up close image of Dwayne Johnson's butt. Unfortunately for the woman, she was caught in the act, and the response is pretty great.

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That woman might have instantly become my favorite person on the entire planet. Because, as The Rock's above Instagram picture proves, while the people around her were too busy being startled by the presence of one of the world's most famous movie-stars, she recognized that this was probably the one time in her life that she'd be able to get a close-up shot of the actor's behind, and leapt on this opening like a lion going after a gazelle. As well as providing this woman with a picture that I can only imagine will soon be framed and hung in her house, Dwayne Johnson's main ambition with heading to Walt Disney World was to learn more about the Jungle Cruise and its boat, and how exactly the impending film will build out its world.

There's still plenty of work to be done on the Jungle Cruise before we can truly get excited about the action-adventure, though. In fact, all that we know at the moment is that the film will be a "period piece in the vein of Humphrey Bogart's The African Queen," and that its plot will follow a group's riverboat journey through a jungle. The Disney attraction, which is one of its original rides, takes those on-board the cruise down Africa's Nile and Congo rivers, as well as South America's Amazon.

Dwayne Johnson has actually been attached to star in The Jungle Cruise since all the way back in 2015. In this time, the actor has shot the likes of Central Intelligence, Fast 8, and Jumanji, while the likes of J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay have tried their hand at getting the script in the perfect shape. Clearly Dwayne Johnson feels as though the screenplay is now just right, or at least good enough to be shot, because he's added it to his hectic schedule. Next up for Dwayne Johnson, though, is the shoot for Rampage in the spring, which will be followed by Skyscraper in the summer and fall, the promotion of Jumanji in the build-up to its December release, and then filming on The Jungle Cruise will start in early 2018. Before then, though, The Jungle Cruise needs to find the right director to jump onboard the ship with the relentless actor.

Gregory Wakeman