Clint Eastwood Makes His Own Son Audition For Roles In His Movies

scott eastwood and clint eastwood gran torino

Having a famous parent doesn't necessarily guarantee that a person will become famous themselves, but you would think that it might help a person to get a leg up in showbiz. According to Scott Eastwood, son of Clint Eastwood, that's not always necessarily the case though. The actor told Conan O'Brien that his famous father makes him audition for an roles he wants in a Clint Eastwood flick. He certainly doesn't make it easy for Scott Eastwood, and the actor thinks it's because his dad doesn't love working with his kid. He said:

I don't think he likes me in his movies. Here's the thing, he's put me in a few movies. I've auditioned for a lot and haven't gotten a lot.

Scott Eastwood, who can currently be seen in The Fate of the Furious in theaters, has done a few movies with his dad, including Gran Torino, Invictus and Flags of our Fathers. (He's also in Trouble with the Curve, which stars his famous dad but isn't directed by him.) Despite this, Scott Eastwood says he really had to work for those roles and audition like everyone else. In fact, the hard work doesn't end there. Once he gets the part, he actually has to deal with some stuff on set that other people might not have to contend with.

As Scott Eastwood mentioned on Conan, it's not all fun and games working with Clint Eastwood, especially when you are his son. He told the late night host that when he did finally get a small part in Gran Torino, his dad basically used it as an opportunity to work out pent up feelings. There was even some shit-talking that went on...

Then Gran Torino came around, where he was talking shit to me. There was like this little role. [His character's] calling me a pussy, you know a spoiled little brat and whatever. So, he gave me that role, and on the day we were shooting it there's a lot of stuff that came out that wasn't on the script.

He went on to say he's sure he pissed his dad off growing up, and the scene was the culmination of plenty of pent-up rage, which is exceedingly funny. With that in mind, I'm a little surprised that Scott Eastwood even tried to go for anymore movies with his dear old dad after Gran Torino, although truth be told, he seems kind-of amused by the whole experience. Or at least is fairly good-natured about how his father got into the right mindset during the scene.

Luckily, although Clint Eastwood may not be super pumped to work with Scott Eastwood all the often, it's not as if the younger Eastwood is hurting for roles. Along with The Fate of the Furious, he appeared in Suicide Squad last year, and has roles in Overdrive and Pacific Rim: Uprising coming up. To take a look at what else is headed into theaters, check out our full movies schedule.

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