Did Suicide Squad Make Cara Delevingne Slimmer In Post Production?

We live in a world where fake is often the new real. We've learned how to hold our cell phones to get the best angle in pictures, and how to brush up our images with filters. It's no secret that for years fashion mags have been known for airbrushing images of its models, but these days that idea has expanded out to numerous other places, including the movies. As VFX has become more prominent, it's become easier to change facets of peoples' appearances, and a new video for Suicide Squad seemingly indicates that the movie took pains to make Cara Delvingne look thinner. Here's how the VFX changes seemingly look.

Along with all of the cool stuff that the VFX added to Cara Delevingne's costume, including a glowy aspect to those tattoos, a headdress and a hipper, darker look, if you look at the full body image above, the VFX look at Cara Delevingne seems to be slimming her waistline and making her look even thinner than she already is. Although we suppose it could just be a trick of the VFX light, a second look specifically at Cara Delevingne's waist seems to support our earlier conclusion: Suicide Squad seems to have wanted Cara Delevingne to look model perfect, which is rather ironic, because Cara Delevingne was already a model before she got into acting in the first place. It's also worth pointing out that Delevingne herself has spoken out about the impracticality of female costumes in superhero movies before.

Here's a closer look at the seemingly altered waistline.

cara delevingne photoshop suicide squad

The video comes from Sony Imageworks, which did VFX for Suicide Squad and altered footage, including frames filled with Cara Delevingne's Enchantress. If you'd like to catch additional effects that were used in the movie, you can watch the full thing, below.

Currently, the WB isn't speaking out regarding whether or not the VFX studio actually took great pains to make Cara Delevingne thinner, per the Wrap, but the images themselves are pretty compelling, especially since her male co-stars in the video didn't really seem to go through any of those changes. (Except for the VFX sequence between El Diablo and Enchantress' brother Incubus, which isn't the same sort of thing.) If the VFX thinning is true, we do wish the studio had focused on more important things in the movie, like maybe fixing all Cara Delevingne's comical arm movements. That's a future I can look forward to.

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