The Moment When Wonder Woman Will Become A Hero In Her Upcoming DC Movie

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice introduced Wonder Woman to the DC Extended Universe, but this June, the Wonder Woman movie will tell Diana of Themyscira's origin story. Although the Amazon is gifted with many special abilities and has trained in combat on her mystical island home, she won't immediately be the superhero we know and love once she sets foot in the "man's world." That will occur at the movie's halfway point, and a new piece of concept art gives us taste of what will happen during that transformational moment.

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Taking place in 1918 as World War I is still raging, Wonder Woman will see Diana leaving the comfort of Themyscira to accompany Steve Trevor back to Europe so she can do whatever she can to end this Great War. While she'll undoubtedly not waste any time impressing those around her, her true time to shine will come when she's on the battlefield, as seen in the above artwork provided to EW. Despite being told not to cross no man's land, Diana decides not to "play by the rules" and leaves so she can go save women and children who are being threatened by German forces. Here's what star Gal Gadot thought of the sequence:

It's a very powerful moment. We have a character committing to her true self, doing what she believes needs to be done.

This scene will also mark the first time that Diana dons her traditional Wonder Woman outfit. Director Patty Jenkins compared the big reveal to when Superman rips off his dress shirt to reveal the 'S' symbol he's wearing underneath, while DC Entertainment president Geoff Johns compared the Wonder Woman scene to an important moment in Christopher Reeves' first movie as the Man of Steel. Johns said:

[This scene] reminds me of when Superman caught Lois and caught the helicopter [in the 1978 movie]. But this one is even more visceral.

While it's worth remembering that an Amazon like Diana stands a significantly better chance of making it across a battlefield unscathed compared to a normal human, it sounds like this Wonder Woman sequence will do wonders (pun intended) in proving that she has the chops to be a hero, and a super one at that. Plus, if the trailers are any indication, it will look quite epic. Not that crossing over to enemy territory and saving those civilians will mark the end of her journey. Wonder Woman and her allies will also have to contend with a new chemical weapon that could kill millions if released, while Diana herself is on a collision course with Ares, the God of War.

Wonder Woman arrives in theaters on June 2, and in November, you can reunite with Diana in the present day for Justice League.

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