Emma Watson Had A Mini Harry Potter Reunion At The Circle Premiere

When you're in a franchise like Harry Potter, you form a sort of familial bond with the co-stars that stick around for as long as you do. In the case of Emma Watson, she had a small family reunion of sorts last night, as the premiere of her new film The Circle saw her meeting up with an unexpected guest. As you'll see in the Tweet below, Watson met up with Bonnie Wright, Ginny Weasley herself, on the red carpet.

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A spectator on the red carpet snapped and posted this photo to Twitter after last night's big debut of The Circle at the Tribecca Film Festival. With six years gone by since the two had shared the screen in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, it looks like not a day has passed between the two, judging by the smile that Wright had on her face. And while we can't see really see Emma Watson in the photo, we'd like to think she's as excited to be in the middle of this surprise occurrence.

Judging by the advanced word on The Circle, it looks like this reunion may have been the most exciting part of last night's big premiere. Even our own Gregory Wakeman blasted the film as, "Smug, condescending, and completely without incident," equating the film to all of the reasons why the public lashes back against the film industry. So it must have been comforting for Emma Watson to know that a dear friend was in the audience, not only to give her a dose of honest feedback on just how good or bad The Circle was, but also to help her deal with some of the more negative reactions. It's the sort of thing that good friends do, and the sort of thing that fan-run Twitter feeds eat up.

While it's early days for a film, seeing friends meeting again for a moment of red carpet camaraderie is always a welcome sight. It's doubly exciting when it happens to be between two parties of a fan friendly franchise such as Harry Potter. Though seeing Emma Watson and Bonnie Wright together does have us asking a kind of important question: is there any chance we could see a proper reunion of the entire Potter cast? Maybe for next year's annual shindig at Universal Studios Orlando.

Wishful thinking aside, you'll now be able to see just what The Circle is hiding, as the film is already in early showings this evening. The full roll-out is slated for tomorrow, Friday April 28th.

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