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Awesome Wonder Woman Fight Scene Finally Shows Diana In Action

With one comic book movie releasing today, we're already looking forward to the next one when Wonder Woman is released next month. We're getting even more excited now that the first fight scene clip has been released. The trailers have given us little glimpses of several different action sequences, but now a brief scene battle between Diana and some armed thugs has given us our first extended look at how she'll fight. Check it out.

We've seen a piece of this battle in the trailers before, where Gal Gadot's Diana throws her arm in front of Chris Pine's Steve Trevor in order to deflect an incoming bullet and prevent him from being shot. However, now we get to see what immediately follows that. Diana gets physical and takes down three armed thugs while deflecting every bullet that gets fired. Steve Trevor doesn't stand by entirely idly, as he does get one punch in to take down the fourth armed bad guy.

We also get a couple pieces of information in this brief scene that would appear to be important in the larger film. The thugs are holding up Steve Trevor because they want Doctor Maru's notebook. Doctor Maru is better known to comics fans as Doctor Poison, and she's one of the major antagonists of the Wonder Woman movie. It would appear that at some point our heroes steal details on the doctor's plans and these thugs are sent to get it back.

We also see that the glasses that Diana is wearing at the beginning of the scene fall off her face and get crushed by an errant foot during the fight. The fact that the camera makes sure we see this would seem to imply that those glasses are important. It's likely that the glasses may exist to act as a Superman-like disguise and perhaps losing them will cause others to recognize that Diana Prince is, in fact, Wonder Woman. We shall see.

The scene is a great choice to show off because it's brief and so it doesn't really give away too much. We get to see Gal Gadot kick some ass but it's not a full-on Wonder Woman fight scene as she's never in that particular costume. That we'll likely have to wait for the movie to see. We do get a fairly sweet shot at the end of the fight with Diana and her bracelets. Even without the costume, she looks awesome.

All signs point to Wonder Woman turning out to be as good as we want it to be. We'll find out for certain when the film hits June 2.

Dirk Libbey

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